Community - 06/19/17

Introducing Fashion Brand, ESH by Esther

Written by Hive Life

E S H, a representative of Ash (her favorite color), with a twist on the letters, Esther started her very own brand.

Was Fashion always a part of your plan?

The limitless nature of creating was what excited and drew me to start designing.

When I was young, I would dream up outfits that I did not have in my closet but would have loved to own, and later drew them out for my paper dolls when I played dress-up with them. In a way, I was able to live out my creative designs through those paper dolls, and this passion grew into something that has shaped my decision to take up Fashion Design as my major in university.

And how does this dream look now?

The fashion scene in Asia has been evolving rapidly since it started gaining momentum a few years back. I believe that if more local designers choose to work together, we would probably be able to create something that would make the rest of Asia stop and take notice, placing this tiny red dot on the Asian (and maybe world?) fashion map.

Womenswear V.S Menswear. Go.

I like the structure and tailoring that menswear encompasses, yet womenswear, being softer and more versatile in shape, reads the human body better. Hence in ESH by Esther, by marrying features from menswear and womenswear, I create something extraordinary and provide the best of both worlds.

What do you want us to look out for at Runway 2017?

I love my entire collection to bits, but if I were playing favorites, the black trousers with a layered front split gets my vote. When it’s worn, the walking motion exposes the underside, creating a beautiful wave of energy.

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