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The Lonely Planet of Diving

Written by Julianne D

“It’s all about bringing all this knowledge and aggregating it in one platform,” says Adam Broadbent as he introduces Zu Blue.

At 18, Adam left the UK and worked in Asia for an underwater filming and photography company. After seven years away, he decided to return to finish university and ended up in the city doing financial services. Two very different careers yet both equally vital for developing a platform that helps you discovers dive destinations in Asia.

For the last five months, the founders have been developing their business model, gathering content and building up relationships with resorts. Finding the right developers to partner has been one of the biggest struggles for the team.

“Our aim is to become the Lonely Planet of diving in South East Asia. We will bring together all the information on different destinations, different countries and aggregate it in one, intuitive platform,” says Adam Broadbent as he introduces ZuBlu – a start-up dive travel company.

Created as a web app, ZuBlu gives divers, snorkelers, and free-divers alike the ability to find their perfect underwater escape. “Most of the time there isn’t an easy way for divers to discover their next diving experience beyond word of mouth recommendations or trawling through vast amounts of out-dated and irrelevant information. In fact, more often than not, divers just end up going to a travel company who lays out entire holidays as package deals – and these are based on what the agent is trying to sell, rather than the client’s preferences.”

On top of this search capability based on preferences, users of the ZuBlu platform can select resorts, hotels, liveaboards or dive centres using a set of green criteria. In fact, the company aims to encourage divers and snorkelers to invest their green dollars.

ZuBlu will launch on the 1 October 2017

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