Happenings - 12/04/17

The Hive Heads to Wonderfruit

Written by Hayden L

Calling all party people, artists and adventurers to Wonderfruit, Thailand’s music and creative festival that is back and bigger than ever.

Thailand’s much anticipated Wonderfruit Festival, a 4 day, eco-friendly music festival and creative extravaganza returns on 14th December for its fourth edition at Siam Country Club. An annual gathering of musicians, party people, artists, crafters and a crowd keen for plenty of good times, it is a standout event in Asia’s festival calendar. Think of it as Bangkok’s Burning Man and you’ll begin to get the gist.

Located in the countryside of Pattaya at Siam Country Club just two hours south of Bangkok, Wonderfruit is a festival full of heart and with a message. What may seem like an organised rave on the outskirts of the city is in fact a four-day eco-friendly music festival themed around the arts, crafts and sustainability. For its founder Pranitan Phornprapa (also known as Pete), the event brings a global community together to spread environmental awareness in a fun manner that encourages innovative solutions. By using Wonderfruit as a platform to catalyse creativity, he hopes to make a positive impact towards society that reaches beyond its attendees and performers. That they will have a great time in the process is nothing but a bonus.

As part of Wonderfruit Festival 2017, the Hive is hosting a craft emporium and series of workshops, partnering with over 10 Bangkok based crafters to celebrate creativity, art and everything handmade. We will be hosting activities including a calligraphy workshop with Rapi Rikulsurakan, flower garland making with Khun Pear and Jipola, a leather accessory workshop from R Studio, a session on DIY sustainable fashion accessories from Home BKK and many more creative workshops where you can come and pick up a skill or two.

Besides from all the music, fun and games, Wonderfruit has also organised a series of talks throughout the weekend by world-class speakers including Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia and Bea Johnson, founder of the Zero Waste moment as well as plenty of wellness experiences like yoga and Tai Chi classes alongside their various events. As Pete explains, “I’ve always been concerned with environmental awareness and fascinated by the arts. By creating a platform that allows various creatives to showcase their work, I’m merging my 2 core passions – art and the environment. We’re pushing our ethos to support sustainability and making it appear seamless with our user experience.”

For artists and creatives alike, Wonderfruit is a creative hub supporting rising talent as well as established groups and individuals seeking exposure. The festival provides amazing opportunities for collaboration, integration and networking between talents from different fields. Art projects for the festival are prepared several months in advance, allowing artists to collaborate with other creators.

More than just a festival, Wonderfruit is an immersive experience which merges art, culture, social awareness and the environment. Think of it as a platform that embraces diversity and creativity for a greener and better world – and the place for a very good party. We look forward to seeing you there!

Address: The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand
Date: 14–17 December 2017
Tickets available here

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