More and more skincare brands are adopting the newest trend of creating sustainable beauty products. Check out our list of skincare products to treat both yourself and your skin. 

BioTech beauty is the combination of microorganisms (Bio) and genetically engineered microbes (Tech) using the DNA of algae, yeast, or bacteria. With BioTech, scientists are able to mass generate raw materials without the need to hunt or directly extract from plants or animals to make a product, a carbon-heavy process. There are seven colours of BioTech and ‘blue biotechnology’ is used for cosmetics purposes. Here are 10 APAC-based BioTech products to add to your skincare collection.

1. Zellulin

Labeled as the world’s first cell-based collagen product, Zellulin is created by the Hong Kong cell-based seafood startup company, Avant Meats. Through isolating healthy cells from fish, cultivating the cells in a sterilised system, and collecting all their protein. While also being sustainable and cruelty-free, their product offers anti-aging qualities, promotes anti-oxidation, regeneration, and skin repairing.

10 Must Have APAC BioTech Skincare Products Zellulin

2. Dr. Wu 

Working closely with biotechnology R&D labs and in botanic environments, Dr. Wu became everyone’s go-to medical skincare brand in Taiwan. Founded in 2003 by dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu and his son Eric Wu, Dr. Wu’s skincare line is continuously growing. Their popular product line Mandelik Renewal System, contains mandelic acid, a large molecular structure which provides a gentle approach to soothing inflamed acne and aids in hyperpigmentation.

3. KORA Organics 

Founded by Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2009, KORA Organics was created with a team of researchers specialising in microbiology and organic chemistry to produce a wide variety of natural skincare products. Using their philosophy of CLEAN beauty, KORA’s skincare products use certified organic and natural ingredients. Their Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil contains the microbiome fungi, Temella (silver ear mushroom), which has high amounts of polysaccharides antioxidants to hydrate and moisturize the skin.

10 Must Have APAC BioTech Skincare Products KORA Organics

4. Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo’s Korean herbal medicine based serum will stimulate your skin’s ability to rejuvenate to create a youthful glow. Their First Care Activating Serum uses a fifth-generation JAUM Activator to delay the aging process using youth master technology. This technology allows the product to be able to easily penetrate and be absorbed by any skin type. The serum also has a relaxing scent giving their customers a euphoric-like spa experience.

5. SANTEMUSE 672 Magic Serum 

SANTEMUSE is a biological skin care brand created to improve skin conditions and prevent potential skin issues like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dermatochalasis (loose skin). They are famous for their 672 Magic Serum which includes ingredients such as yeast ferment extract, niacinamide, and Perecells, an ingredient composed of 88 bioactive factors, to absorb and enhance cell metabolism.

6. Allies of Skin 

Singaporean founder Nicolas Travis launched Allies of Skin, using probiotics in his products. Probiotics not only clear toxins from your guts to aid in digestion, but also help to maintain a healthy microbiome PH balance.  Probiotics are good bacteria that provide a calming effect to the skin to reduce oil production and promote hydration. Allies of Skin’s Probiotics Treatment Mist provides an alcohol-free aloe based probiotic treatment to create a more dewy and natural look for your skin.

10 Must Have APAC BioTech Skincare Products Allies of Skin

7. O Hui 

O Hui uses the concept of skin science to combine cutting edge biotechnology with natural botanicals. Their anti aging Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum uses Skin Core Enhancing technology to build a strong skin barrier that can withstand harsh seasonal change and stressors such as pollution.

8. SKII Facial Treatment Essence

After noticing old sake brewery workers with smooth and soft hands from being soaked in fermented yeast, Japanese scientists developed an essential formula using Pitera, a type of yeast extract. A powerful treatment that gently exfoliates your skin to produce a smooth effect for any skin types, SKII Facial Treatment Essence will help with skin concerns such as dullness, uneven texture, dark spots, and enlarged pores.

9. TATCHA Water Cream 

Humectants are hydrating substances that keep your skin moist. When combined with skincare, they attract water towards your skin’s pores. Some notable humectants include: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, seaweed, and algae and are best used in areas with higher humidity. TATCHA Dewy Skin Cream contains japanese purple rice, okinawa red algae, and hyaluronic acid to maintain and boost your skin’s water level.

10 Must Have APAC BioTech Skincare Products TATCHA

10. NEOGEN Probiotics Double Action Serum  

Using dermaceutical research and its patented six-core biotechnology to drive their product ideas, NEOGEN is one of the top leading skincare brands in Korea. They are famous for their Bio-Peel Gauze Pads which can help exfoliate the skin to get rid of skin debris, dead skin, and impurities. Their Probiotic Double Action Serum contains both prebiotic and probiotic dual serum, prebiotics are compounds that act as  “feed” to generate the growth of probiotics. Mixing both prebiotics and probiotics allows your skin to become brighter and wrinkle free.

10 Must Have APAC BioTech Skincare Products NEOGEN


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