A thorn in the side of many an entrepreneur, procrastination can stand in the way of many a good idea. Here, Bangkok based entrepreneur and youth worker Henry Mononen shares 5 top tips on switching bad habits for productive ones.

As a man who spent 11 years in Bangkok working with young people before opening a cafe dedicated to providing students with a chilled yet inspiring environment, Henry Mononen knows a thing or two about how to maximise one’s own potential. Now the founder of Entrance Coffeehouse & Studio, a hot spot and coffee shop near Chulalongkorn University.

He focuses on hosting inspiring events, music happenings, school gatherings, and also charity endeavours with Imagine Thailand to support those with disabilities and is passionate about helping people to make the most of their time and opportunities. “Procrastination happens for two reasons: first, a lack of clarity, which muddles everything. And second, a fear of change, which can force people to postpone decisions that need to get made.” Here, he talks us through the ways he keeps his staff and the students he works with to stay motivated, productive and inspired.


The action of encouragement is for yourself but also others. As human beings, we naturally strive to enhance features in our lives to make them better for us. However, these notions are useless if we do not act upon them. At Entrance, the staff are encouraged to share ideas and bring them to the table. To do this requires you be to proactive, and this involves encouragement.

Fresh Ideas

Team meetings are frequent at Entrance, and they include group prayers every morning. During this, open discussions are held as team members are encouraged to share their ideas. This opportunity allows ideas to flourish and team members to connect with each other.


After ideas are shared and sharpened through group discussions, action should be taken to ensure the concept comes to life. Clarity establishes the next step which accumulates to further steps as you go ahead.

Possibility of Action

Brilliant ideas without execution are borderline useless. Despite the risk of failure, it is essential to utilise new plans to start. The key is never to stop moving – but to understand where ideas are heading. Instead of postponing fresh ideas, we eliminate the fear of change and breed an environment where there is excitement in trying different things.

Maintaining the Cycle

To maintain encouragement, a supportive environment, and the birth of new ideas, we hold retreats twice a year as a team. Along with our morning devotions and prayers, we also have family meals together every week. This cultivates our mindset and helps to keep us on the ball.

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Edited by Hayden Lee


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