5GCT, a smart city startup based in Thailand is the first Thai company to be honoured as a Global Excellence Leader by the United Nations. 

Innovating in smart city solutions in Thailand, 5G Catalyst Technologies (5GCT) came under the global spotlight for its end-to-end tech enabled platform helping build sustainability within cities’ infrastructure and networks. Selected as the Global Excellence Leader for the United NationsSustainable Development Goals (SDG), the startup become the first ever in Thailand to receive this honour, accredited for its work and dedication to sustainability.

5GCT was founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneur and passionate innovator, Shannon Kalayanamitr, to enable smart city solutions through its NEO urban data platform. Committed to the cause, the startup utilises big data analysis and technologies to cumulate, visualise, measure, and evaluate city-wide ecosystems. Its end-to-end system was developed to mitigate human impact on the ecology and improve living standards while promoting sustainable growth, working together with cities and municipality leaders.

Thai Smart-City Startup 5GCT


In addition, 5GCT unveiled its smart city solution at the UNGSII‘s SDG Labs during the World Economic Forum 2022, coming as an opportunity to fast-track scaling after their recognition for Industry Excellence for the United Nations’ SDG# 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The founder and CEO OF 5GCT Shannon Kalayanamitr expressed, “With the recent international recognition from the SDG Labs in Davos and World Urban Forum, we aim to progressively bring Thailand and all of its citizens’ livelihoods to the global standards.”

Furthermore, the company held a joint exhibition with the National Telecom of Thailand (NT) at the Thailand 5G summit in recent months to collectively inform and pitch the country’s prime minister, Prayut Chan-ocha, on its development, progress, and prospects to fabricate smart cities across the nation.

“Our Urban Data Platform is an interoperable system, enabling tech and impact solutions into the cities, thus we have partnered with many local, regional, and global partners in telecommunications, technology, and system integrators. All partners working together are crucial to the success of bringing smart cities nationwide,” remarked Nipath Yomkit, the CTO at 5GCT.

In 2017, the Thai government broadcasted its pursuit to construct 100 smart cities by 2024 with the Thailand 4.0 initiative. This resulted in the construction of around 15 smart cities last year.

5GCT will continue to advance its efforts to promote smart infrastructure and expand its network to build more cities by 2024, after its recent undertakings in three cities in Thailand.

Thai Smart-City Startup 5GCT



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