You might not know Nicolas Itei by name, but there’s a strong chance you have seen his work online.

In his one and half years in Hong Kong, Nicolas has helped businesses grow faster by applying digital solutions such as growth hacking and inbound marketing strategy. Most impressively, he’s currently managing the full SEO strategy of Maximal Concepts. If you’re curious to learn more about his work, read his latest article on LinkedIn, How Digital Studio ranked #1 on Google-HK in 45 Days.

Nicolas launched Digital Studio (HK) in in June 2016 and his energy and positivity for creativity is palpable. Growing up in France and later at the age of 18, he moved to London to study Marketing followed by a MBA in International Management from Royal Holloway in London. His introduction in the corporate world came in 2013 when he he joined Lastminute, a popular travel and entertainment booking website in Europe.


With his own background and experience, Nicolas decided to move to Hong Kong to discover a new culture and explore new business opportunities. “London is full of corporate companies that want you to find your place in their hierarchy… I was looking for a city where you can create your own opportunities, at your own pace,” he says.

It might seem a bit of a jump, but for the young entrepreneur, it was quite a natural progression. After a few months in Hong Kong, he realised that the full potential of what the Internet has to offer hasn’t been explored yet, with an increasing number of brands are looking for solutions to grow and scale exponentially, whether it’s to find a new way to reach new customers through social media or online advertising.

“Acknowledging this, a new digital economy is starting to raise in Hong Kong. It’s still a fairly new market for Hong Kong as options of digital services are limited. This in turn, means that businesses are unsure on how to invest into the digital marketing scene, but if you can provide solid data showing that aligning a digital strategy with their core business will help them grow faster, they will move your project forward” says Nicolas.

Having worked in London worked in his favour because there’s a huge gap in terms of what’s happening in the digital marketing industry in comparison to Europe. “In the UK,they have built a strong website and IT system that is scalable, reliable and cheap to maintain. Comparatively, Hong Kong still heavily relies on call centres which is not scalable. How many times did you subscribe to a service by phone and received a letter with a spelling mistake?” he explains.

This is an exciting time for the young entrepreneur as he’s found the perfect playground to develop his digital marketing agency as he receives an increasing number of enquiries from businesses in needs of digital solutions.


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