Dive deep with us as we learn more about Lost Guides, the go-to platform to find those inspiring, authentic unique spots around Asia.

Whether it’s here in the busy streets of Singapore or jetting off in the tropical paradise of Bali, Lost Guides by Anna Chittenden, is the platform to find those inspiring, authentic unique spots around Asia. We caught up with Anna, who is in Singapore preparing for her next book, Lost Guides – Singapore.


Originally from the UK, Anna has a professional background in an advertising agency and brand management for Ben & Jerry’s, who ignited her passion in travel. The globetrotter lived and ventured from Italy to Buenos Aires to India to Singapore, noticing something crucially missing in average travel guidebooks and websites.

“When you travel with someone who knows that destination really well, you always have an amazing time, but I find it crazy that this type of information doesn’t exist as a concise, curated product. You shouldn’t have to know someone to give you this type of information; it should be made available to everyone. So this was the starting point behind the idea of Lost Guides,” explains Anna.


Launched in August 2014, Lost Guides aims to arm the millennial generation with inspiring and authentic travel knowledge.

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