Is your B2B Twitter content marketing strategy successful? Here are eight ways to boost your B2B marketing performance with the click of a button. 

With over 330 million monthly active users and over 500 million Tweets sent daily across the globe, Twitter is one of the most renowned social media platforms on the market. Since its launch in 2006, the platform has unlocked business opportunities for celebrities, big brands, and news outlets alike, subsequently becoming a valuable and influential tool for B2B marketers.

Twitter enables users to create and share information instantaneously, with B2B content strategy marketers remaining one step ahead of the game to better connect, engage, and converse with their audience. Twitter offers the chance for B2B specialists to attract their specific customer base, engage with clients from all corners of the world, and improve their brand awareness – all while better understanding their audience. So, if you’re looking to switch up your approach and looking for ways in which you can reach your audience on a massive scale, Twitter might be for you. Here are eight strategies that you can use to drive better marketing results for your B2B business. 

B2B Marketing Strategies for Twitter

Identify your audience and collaborate with influencers

There are endless ways to identify your audience and approach appropriate influencers on Twitter. Start by engaging and fostering relationships. Try looking for potential leads by searching for terms that your target audience would actively use to describe themself; you can also use tools such as Buzzstream and Followerwonk to sift through millions of social media users and help to pinpoint the right fit for your company. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, follow their social media accounts and engage with their content. By regularly liking, replying, and reTweeting their content, you will start to build a presence that could result in a profitable relationship. 

Get noticed by potential customers

Influencers aside, Twitter essentially provides B2B marketers with another place to regularly interact and engage in conversation with potential customers and clients. Not sure where to start? Try following one of these three approaches:

• One-to-one

An intelligible approach, one-to-ones are essentially targeted conversations with one particular individual or company. 

• One-to-many

This is a dialogue started by one person and directed at several persons. Often used in traditional advertising, the ‘one-to-many’ approach sends out promotional messages to multiple consumers in one go. 

• Many-to-many

A newer approach born out of social media networking, it allows conversation with a much wider audience. The recipients will choose to silently listen or will actively engage in a response. 

Essentially, consistency and relevance are key if you want to encourage positive engagement with your audience. Regardless of communication style, it is pivotal that messages are personalised and individually tailored toward your audience. 

B2B Marketing Strategies for Twitter

If you’re getting questions – answer them

One of the most increased interactions on Twitter is customer service enquiries. Research suggests that more than 80% of customer service requests are happening on Twitter among all other social media platforms. It’s important that you remain available to answer questions and engage with enquiries in order to build trust and a positive user experience. 

Understand your audience 

It is essential to know what your audience likes and what they don’t like. However, to know that, you have to monitor your Twitter profile. Make use of Twitter analytics and social media referral traffic data in Google Analytics to help in determining the most profitable times of the day to tweet, the type of content that your followers are sharing, and gain valuable insights into their location, language, and likes. Once you figure out your target audience and the most profitable time of the day to tweet you need to start tweeting the best content for them during the right time. Plan out your calendar ahead of time and make sure that you are carefully timing posts. This is where scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Hypefury come in hand. You can pre-schedule tweets for times outside of office hours, while also making your tweets as timely as possible. Being timely means all your tweets feel right for the time when you do post them. These tools will help you get the perfect timing on your tweets whenever you tweet. Hypefury, for example, has an Evergreen tweet feature and the Auto-Retweet function that lets you keep your content circulation on the timeline a lot longer than the average tweet.

Another method is to understand your audience using Twitter poll votes. This information can be a great asset in tailoring your efforts moving forward.

Bring personality to your brand

Understandably, B2B marketers can find it difficult to reflect their brand’s personality on social media channels. If you want to stand out from the crowd, do not underestimate the power of a unique brand persona. Find a strategy that works best for your brand and really get to know your audience so that you can create an effortless tone of voice. Be wary of humour and potentially sensitive content. Your audience will have diverse opinions, so make sure not to cross the line with your followers when it comes to humorous or controversial topics. 

Get your employees involved

One of the fastest and easiest ways to build brand awareness is to involve those already committed to the company. The best place to start is by asking employees if they are willing to follow the company on Twitter and tweet, retweet, and engage with the profile. You do not need to limit yourself to one account either. Employees can create work-based accounts and use the platform to share relevant information with your audience. Make sure to highlight that the profile is affiliated with your primary company profile. 

B2B Marketing Strategies for Twitter

Drive traffic back to your website 

You can easily direct Twitter users to your company website by linking your URL in your Twitter bio. Use relevant, trending hashtags, and share other relevant pages and articles with your followers; Twitter can also assist in providing indirect benefits to your SEO performance. By sharing and linking content, B2B markets help to boost company visibility and gain exposure in Google search results.

Showcase your expertise 

Twitter is essentially another outlet to show your audience who you are, what you know and why you are better or more relevant than your direct competition. Stay updated with industry trends, news and tactics by monitoring the moves of top publications, attending conferences and events, subscribing to newsletters, browsing online forums, and listening on social media. All of these ideas will help you to become an authoritative voice and build a positive community for your brand. Other suggestions include:

• Supporting content marketing efforts.

• Regularly promoting your services.

• Using images and videos within your content to boost interest and engagement.

• Participating in different conference and events to create further brand awareness.

• Avoiding spammers – weed out the bots! 

The way in which B2B marketers leverage their Twitter accounts can really make an impact on audience engagement and it is pivotal that you find ways to add value to your social media platforms. By getting to know your target audience, it will equally help them to get to know your band!

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