GuestReady is here to change the way you handle your Airbnb property. Co-Founder Idzwan Tan discusses his inspiring story journey as a startup.

GuestReady was founded by ex-Rocket Internet entrepreneurs from FoodPanda, Zalora and Wimdu. Launched in 2016, the company is a service provider that manages your property on short-term rental platforms, from providing 5-star level housekeeping services, linen rental, welcome packs for arriving guests to profile management services for the hosts.

Unlike many of the co-founding team are from Rocket Internet, Idzwan studied rocket science, “I got my Aerospace degree from TU Delft and spent 3 years in the Aerospace industry. Yearning to build something from scratch, I left the safe confines of my engineering job to build GuestReady in Singapore. I was the only oddball in the team who studied rocket science. It was unnerving at first being new to the whole ‘startup’ life, but I got through the best way I know how, by solving one problem at a time. Lucky for me, a startup is never devoid of any problems.”

GuestReady has now set up operations in 6 different cities including London, Paris, Hong Kong to name a few, and there’s a good reason they’re not focusing on just one city. “Short-term rental management in a city can be entirely different from one another. It isn’t possible to carbon copy the idea into another city and expect it to work,” explains Idzwan.


GuestReady is ready to promote responsible hosting for short-term rental homes and to set the benchmark in quality & standard. The company hopes to create a larger plan in bringing together other startups involved in sharing ecosystems to build a sustainable future. “Many of our clients are looking for an alternative source of income amidst the declining private property market. So we’re always looking for talented people to join our team here.”

When asked for his last words last, Idzwan says, “I’m not a poet so I’ll have to steal a quote from the infamous Charles Bukowski, ‘Find what you love, and let it kill you’.​”

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