Featuring 11 coworking spaces in Melbourne from the FinTech-focused to creative hubs, the lavish to the kooky, we’ve rounded up a variety of workspace options for you to consider.

A city blossoming with opportunities in every corner, Melbourne is an entrepreneur’s dream – no wonder nearly half of all coworking spaces in Australia are situated there. Read on to discover the ones to check out. 

The Cluster 

The name of the game is breadth here, thanks to the Cluster’s vast 2,500 square meters of office space and a 360-degree view of the city below. Located on Queen’s Street in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD, this naturally-lit, industrial-chic space is a breath of fresh air. Focused on the importance of environmental sustainability, they are fully powered by renewable energy sources, with bike storage, executive business lounges, barista-made coffee, and even shower and changing room facilities on offer for their community. 

Best For: Comfort and style

Address: 17/31 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Open From: 9am-5:30pm
Price Range: Enquire Now

The Cluster Melbourne_best coworking spaces in Australia

YBF Ventures

Called ‘York Butter Factory’ after the 1850’s industrial site it’s founded upon, YBF is now home to one of the biggest global FinTech and LegalTech innovation hubs in Australia. With their biggest division in Melbourne, members here have access to a vast network of startups and corporations, spanning a huge range of industries from cybersecurity to machine learning and AR. Their spaces also feature a super fast Gigabit connection and host over 350 events annually in Melbourne alone. 

Best For: A star-studded techie network

Address: Level 2, 520 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Open From: 24 hours
Price Range: Dedicated Desk: from AUD 585 per month

Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne YBF Ventures The Cluster

IG: @theclustermelbourne
IG: @ybfventures

The Hive Australia

Offering a 13,500 square foot, open plan workspace, the Hive Collingwood features a spacious industrial decor of red-brick interiors and timber beams paired with slanted roofs and a room flooded with natural light. And, if you’re keen on an even more outdoorsy element to your working day, there is an indoor ‘central park’ area that allows members to relax in a green space. Not content with being just a pretty, environmentally friendly face, this flexible workspace also provides a tightly-knit community with plenty of opportunities to build professional connections across their lively hub of 22 locations across the Asia Pacific. Located just a short distance from the CBD, the Hive Collingwood has a rolling schedule of events from fireside chats with industry experts to climate change screenings and yoga workshops. 

In August 2023, the Hive opened two new locations in St. Kilda and Abbotsford, further expanding the company’s local reach.

Best For: A wide net of events and a strong community that stretches across the Asia Pacific region, taking in Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Address: 92 Rupert Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066, Australia (click here for other locations)
Open From: 8am-8pm
Price Range: Enquire Now

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Best Coworking Spaces Melbourne Hive Collingwood

The Hive Collingwood

Hub Australia

If you’re a fan of flexi-working, you’ve probably heard of Hub Australia. Voted one of the best places to work in 2019, they have three stunning locations in Melbourne, but their Southern Cross Hub takes the prize as one of the city’s largest coworking spaces, setting the standard with its state-of-the-art design and amenities. Alongside events such as ‘Wine Down,’ ‘Hub Talks,’ and a fortnightly Breakfast Club, members at Collins Street enjoy floor-to-ceiling glass walls and ultra-modern social spaces. Both Southern Cross and Collins Street Hubs are obvious choices for digital creatives with modern multimedia amenities such as photography and podcasting studios. But if you’re a sucker for cityscapes, the Hub Parliament Station is situated in the top three levels of skyscraper Orica House. 

Best For: Flexible memberships with state-of-the-art environments

Address: Locations on Bourke Street and Nicholson Street. Check their website for more details.
Open From: 9am-5pm
Price range: Flexible Membership: from AUD 300 per month / Dedicated Desk: from AUD 700 per month / Flexible 8-Day Membership (Hub Parliament Station only): AUD 350 per month / Flexible 24/7 Membership (Hub Parliament Station only): AUD 550 per month

Space & Co.

As the name suggests there’s a whole lot of room at Space & Co. With four properties across the city converted into coworking spaces by Australia’s oldest real estate investment trust GPT Group, this coworking network continues to expand across Australia. Amongst the industrial-chic interiors here, make yourself at home with their in-house cafes, lounges, shower facilities, and members-only fully stocked bar. 

Best for: Customer solutions backed by years of experience

Address: Locations on Exhibition Street, Southbank Boulevard, Collins Street and Elizabeth Street. Check their website for more details.
Open From: 8am-6pm

Price range: Day Pass: AUD 60 per day / Casual Membership: AUD 500 per month / Full-Time Membership: from AUD 600 per month / Dedicated Desk: from AUD 950 per month (Memberships may vary between locations)

Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne Hub Australia Space and Co

IG: @hubaustralia


Founded in late 2008, Inspire9 was an early leader with their vision to rethink Melbourne’s workspaces. Located in a five-floor, historically rich building formerly known as the Australian Knitting Mill, this extremely convenient location is just five minutes from the CBD and a mere two-minute walk from Richmond Station. Whether you plan to come a few times a month or are after a full-access membership with a dedicated desk, Inspire9 offers plenty of flexibility for their 6,000 members. Head there to check out their rooftop space, perfect for videography and photoshoots, as well as their various workshops, offering everything from coding bootcamps to investment strategy talks.

Best For: New businesses looking for a place to make a start

Address: Level 1, 41 Stewart Street, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia
Open From: Mon-Thu: 9am-4pm; Fri: 9am-3:30pm
Price Range: Day Pass: AUD 40 per day / Flexi Pass: AUD 130 per month / Part-Time Pass: AUD 370 per month / Full Access: AUD 640 per month

Best Coworking Spaces Melbourne Inspire9

IG: @inspire9_coworking

The Commons 

If you’re looking for peace of mind in the midst of your working day, the Commons offers ‘sleepy gardens’ and an outdoor deck where you can ease into a meditative break or tune out with yoga as well as reading nooks against a gorgeous backdrop of greenery for those who need to take a break.  Stylishly equipped with work-life balance in mind, every branch also offers games rooms and libraries whilst their Collingwood location is perfect for creative ventures – think sleek photography studios, unconventional shipping container meeting rooms, and even an amphitheatre. 

Best For: A balance of relaxation and pleasure with productivity 

Address: Locations in Central Melbourne, Collingwood and South Melbourne. Check out their website for more details.
Open From: 8:30am-6pm (Some locations open 24/7) 
Price Range: Open Desk: AUD 410 per month / Dedicated Desk: AUD 640 per month 

Electron Workshop Melbourne 

To find your spark of creativity or keep an eye on the latest tech developments, Electron Workshop Melbourne has been designed with techies and creatives in mind with great technological facilities and high-speed Internet – and a lovely pop-up cinema with regular screenings across various genres. Sustainable and fully powered by green energy, plus equipped with plenty of bike racks for your morning ride to work, this is a great environment for independent workers who are looking for more of that ‘indie’ vibe to their workspace.  

Best for: Networking with creative minds

Address: 31 Arden Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Open From: 9am-5pm
Price Range: Hotdesk: AUD 25 per day; AUD 275 per month / Full-Time Fixed Desk: AUD 499 per month

Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne The Commons Electron Workshop

IG: @thecommons

Revolver Lane

If you’re looking for something more avant-garde, Revolver Lane features a light-filled atrium with century-old mosaic floors, generous offices with plush lounges and designer furniture, and an impressive collection of artwork. And, for after-work activities, there is also a nightclub and Thai restaurant upstairs, making for particularly convenient post-work drinks or dinner. Located in the hip Prahran suburbs, what was once a former textiles warehouse is now a massive venue of 25 private offices and a boutique 30-desk coworking area with small pods of 4 to 6, coupled with an on-street espresso bar and popup space. 

Best For: Add quirky, offbeat and otherwise ‘indie’ vibes to your workspace

Address: 231 Chapel Street, Prahran VIC 3181
Open From: 9am-5pm
Price Range: Gallery Pass: AUD 30 per day / Gallery Casual (Weekdays, 7am-7pm): AUD 300 per month / Gallery Member (24/7): AUD 600 per month 


Worksmith is Australia’s most well-known community space catering towards the F&B and hospitality crowd. With locations in Collingwood and the CBD, this bustling hub has hosted events with bigwigs Disney & Mercedes and will be the venue for Melbourne’s upcoming Cocktail Festival. Memberships allow access to their ‘Bar Laboratory’ with rotary evaporators, smoking guns, and a 6-tray combi-steam oven, not to mention their premium commercial-grade kitchen that comes with sous-vide machines, robot coupes and other high-tech cooking apparatus. With another bar and extra event space that allow for over 80 people, it’s no wonder Worksmith is host to a multitude of industry-based talks, workshops and tastings. 

Best For: If you’re working in F&B or hospitality-related industries  

Address: 450 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066, Australia
Open From: 9am-5pm
Price Range: Community membership: AUD 30 per month / Day Pass: AUD 50 per day / Industry Membership (16 hr/month): AUD 80 per month / Collaborator (12 days/month): AUD 407 per month / Resident/Premium Desks: AUD 690 per month

Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne Revolver Lane Worksmith

IG: @worksmith.io

Creative Cubes

Creative Cubes prizes itself on bringing quality without the extra cost. With an in-house ‘Happiness Team,’ they offer sleeping pods, quiet rooms, yoga studios and fitness classes alongside their workspaces. Both their Richmond and Hawthorn branches exude cool modernity with exposed brick walls and dark steel columns paired with white accents – and it all comes at the bargain of AUD 39 a day pass.

Best For: Great customer service at a steal of a price

Address: Locations in Richmond, Hawthorn and South Melbourne. Check their website for more details.
Open From: 8:30am-5pm
Price Range: Hot Desk: AUD 350 per month / Dedicated Desk: AUD 700 per month

Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne Creative Cubes

IG: @creativecubesco

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