Hong Kong startup Booqed, an app for users to book unique venues for meeting rooms, workspaces and event spaces at a tap of a button.


When it comes to finding a meeting room space or a place to work, Hong Kong has so many choices, but it can still be a challenge to find the right one for what you need – especially on short notice. To make your work life easier, Booqed lets people discover and book great venues at unique locations for meetings, workspaces or event spaces on a mobile app. Simply set up an account and book the venue you want with a few clicks or host a space.

The idea for Booqed started in 2015, when co-founders David Wong and Charles Oh wanted to create an easy system for business travellers to book meeting rooms on-demand in Asia through an app; ideally to speed up the processes without all the headache and backend processes like emailing hosts back and forth. After 6 months of fine tuning, the app launched in late September 2016.

Designed for anyone, whether it be startups, businesses or freelancers looking for a space to work, you’ll find a wide range of venues listed on the app. Not only are there coworking sites, but the team have carefully curated a diverse list including gallery space and music studios. “We also have restaurants listed on Booqed during off-peak hours where people can meet and work in as an alternative to noisy cafes and public spaces,” explains Anne Bellego, Marketing Lead for Booqed Hong Kong.

If you’re worried about how honest the photos of the locations are; you’re in luck. The team checks if the images are an accurate representation of the space itself. “We want to be sure what people see isn’t fake. Despite the time-consuming process, we’re passionate in wanting to provide a great user experience and ensuring that the space good,” explains Anne.

So what’s the next step? The next version of the app will provide a fresh UI design and more functionality, allowing larger and wider ranges of spaces like gym locations as well as alternative working and meeting spaces. In addition, users pay not only hourly rates, but daily rates as well.

Here are some of the different spaces you can rent out.

DreamlikeBubbles, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Operetta Restaurant, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Studio 101, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Kenluck, Shenzhen

Available in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore with plans underway to launch in London, Australia and other Asian cities in 2017.

Download on Apple with the Android version out soon

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