Wellness advocate, influencer, and impact-driven entrepreneur, Gianne Chan, pioneers innovative holistic solutions for your everyday wellbeing through her brand, Calmed & Co. In a one-on-one with Hive Life, Gianna talks about her mindful journey, her purposeful endeavours in empowering young women, and her newly-launched creative company. 

Gianne Chan is the rising force within Hong Kong’s wellness space, bringing her intentional approach to the forefront of the local holistic community. An advocate, podcaster, influencer, and the founder of multiple purpose-driven brands, including Calmed & Co., Lexemedia Creative Solutions, SoleSoul Club, and Calmed Podcast– Gianne plays many diverse roles in her everyday life.

She has also partnered with a homegrown non-profit organisation, Inspiring Girls, to provide career development opportunities and empower the future generation of women. Her transformative work within the space was steered by Gianne’s battle with depression, as she strives to build a positive narrative around mental health and advocate for holistic wellbeing for all. 

A visionary with an innovative approach– Gianne introduces Hong Kong’s first-ever wearable vitamin solution through Calmed & Co.’s wellness patches, offering their customers an affordable yet highly-integrative holistic solution. 

Gianne has led remarkable initiatives to champion women and their wellbeing. Recently, Lexemedia Creative collaborated with Cocoxells, Hong Kong-based feminine skincare products, to celebrate International Women’s Day and launch their impact-driven campaign, “Power of Women Uplifting Each Other.” She came together with other influential women entrepreneurs, to advocate for the “unstoppable” forces in the local wellness industry, while promoting feminine health and self-love. 

Hive Life sat down with Gianne, as she shared more about her wellness journey, her mindful approach behind her brands, and her mission to build a holistic community. 

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Can You Tell Us More About Yourself? 

I founded the health and wellness company Calmed & Co. On the side. I started a channel called Calmed Podcast which is in Cantonese, to share live updates, entrepreneurial journey, positive manifestation, and more. I am [also] the co-founder of the marketing agency, Lexemedia Creative Solutions

I [recently] launched a new wellness community and podcast, SoleSoul Club with co-founder Bernice Li. We had our first physical event, the Brunch and Book Club, where [we got together with other] women to share and swap a book that inspired us most. 

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When Did You Start Calmed & Co.?  

I started Calmed & Co. in 2020, and wanted to position myself as a health and wellness influencer in Hong Kong. As a [local] who struggled with depression, [I witnessed] that no one was talking about mental health, it was even a taboo to my family. Having neglected my wellbeing for 10 years, this meant [a great deal], and I felt empowered to speak [about my experiences]. 

I [aspired to offer] people an experience where they can try a mindful approach by promoting mental health and holistic wellness in a more acceptable manner. 

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What Are Some Essential Practices in Your Wellness Routine? 

I remind myself to find something that makes me happy throughout the day, as [maintaining] my mental health is important for me, and to project positive energy towards the people around me. I try to keep myself motivated and cheerful by doing things that I [enjoy].

I also have a gratitude journal that I would write in about things that I am grateful for in life. 

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What is Your Advice for Those Living a Hectic Life in Hong Kong? 

I would [suggest you] sort your schedule using the time-blocking [approach]. I use different colours to organise my calendar and [set] priorities for different tasks. For example, if it is an [professional] event, I would use orange, and yellow for more creative [occasions]. 

[Incorporating] colour to block your time will also [help you plan and learn more about] what you are doing throughout the day. 

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Can You Share More About Your Wellness Label Calmed & Co.? 

[Our] new concept of supplements and vitamins, and [recently] launched a [fresh] selection of products, Vitamin Patches.

With Calmed & Co. we are [promoting] taking supplements daily. We [carry] three different types of patches, for sleep, immune support, and de-stress. 

For sleep the patches contain pure magnesium, to help people relax there and release all the tension in their bodies. Immune support [is packed] with multivitamins, for [your all-in-one] daily supplements in-take. I normally stick to the de-stress patch when I go to networking events.  

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What is the Inspiration Behind Your Wellness Patches? 

People admire my story, and our [offerings], and they [enjoy] the journey that comes with it. 

My inspiration was basically to switch up the product, and [generate] the same effect. It was mainly about looking into the customer’s pain point and why they were coming to me. [For instance,] most [reached out] to us because they [experienced trouble] sleeping, the second reason is they were seeking holistic ways to calm themselves.  

Who Are Your Products Made for Primarily? 

Hong Kong people are super stressed most of the time, which is why I launched these patches to help them relax. I hope for the general population to be more open-minded with accepting of such concepts. This new way of [taking] supplements through patches was something I [observed] in the United States, and [wanted to bring it to] the local market. I [aim] to educate people on [different approaches] to their wellbeing. 

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How Did You Come to Co-Found Lexemedia Creative Solutions? 

I started the creative company with a business partner, Canice Chan, who specialising in social media and advertisements. A the time, Canice was freelancing, and she came to me [as] she wanted to help me with social media for my brand.   

My friends wanted to hire me to work with them in their companies, [but I was hesitant]. She suggested instead working as a consultant, where I could give them advice, but also set boundaries when working on the same project together. Some were even looking for a creative social media solution provider, [which Canice is an expert in], [she onboarded] and that is how we started.

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How Did Your Previous Experience in Branding and Marketing Help Shape Your Vision Behind the Company? 

I had never worked in an agency or studied marketing. [My experience stems from] my wellness label, I created my website, packaging, branding, and social media from scratch, which is an ideal example of what I can help my clients [execute]. 

As for my service expertise in business development consultation, I leverage my [vast knowledge] and networks to offer my clients [exposure in the local market] by helping them reach to [their niche] communities and have their products available at different consignment stores or other pop-up locations. 

The advice on how I started and [manage my businesses] is invaluable to people that are commencing their journey. 

We [accommodate] different clients, and most of them are solopreneurs who do not have the budget for big public relations (PR) or marketing events, so they come to us for consultation, where I coach them and help them with [building] connections. 

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What is One Tip You Have for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Humanise Their Brand and Build Genuine Connections with Their Customers?

Narrate your story. The reason why I was able to pivot my [original] brand into a [new concept] is [essentially] because I had a strong story behind my brand. I am not [solely] selling a product, I am sending a message, which [people value]. 

If there is a person linked to a brand or a story, your customers are more likely to feel connected. My advice to my clients or anyone who wants to start their own company, would be to show your face, because you are the best ambassador for your [label]. 

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You are Also the Founder and Host of Wellness Shows, The Calmed Podcast, and SoleSoul Club. Can you Share More About the Concept Behind Them?

I started The Calmed Podcast channel to [address and overcome] my insecurities and [previous encounters]. I wanted to turn down those negative voices and started healing myself. I shifted from a YouTube channel to a podcast, because I felt it was easier to share my journey through my voice. The podcast is [hosted] in Cantonese, and I [aspire to break] conscious bias in the local community through this

I recently launched a new podcast SoleSoul Club with Bernice, as we wanted to educate people around [us] and hold more in-depth conversations in English, where I can be more expressive about my trauma and depression, and how I heal from it all. We lined up our first episode with the founder of Women of Hong Kong, Sarah Vee. 

The [podcasts have helped me] make a breakthrough with my [inner-self]. I am [sharing my experiences] of what has motivated me in the past to help others on [their wellness journey.] 

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You Have Also Joined Forces with Inspiring Girls Hong Kong as their Corporate Partnerships Liaison, Can You Share More About Your Role? 

We arrange “role models” from all walks of life to visit local and international schools and inspire young girls. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a pilot, a teacher or any other professional, there are no [set] criterias, and everyone [is welcomed to] become a mentor.

Since I joined as a role model, I [have seen a tremendous impact] by simply talking to these young girls. I connected with Country Chair and Director, Inès Gafsi, to explore how could I contribute more. I [then] started as the Corporate Partnerships Liaison to [solicit] different [enterprises] to sponsor our community [initiatives], [such as] hosting events, workshops, and panels. 

Inspiring Girls’ tagline is to “be the one you needed when you were young.”

I am not only inspiring these young girls, but they are [influencing us] too. Every time I visit them, it reminds me of a younger Gianne, and looking back I would have been proud of [my journey]. 

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How Do You Aspire to Educate and Empower the Future Generation of Young Girls and Women? 

It starts with [a conversation]. [During the pandemic], more people started to talk about mental health, which was only the beginning for Hong Kong. 

I believe in [building a sense] of a community which is important [as it offers people] a [safe space] to talk about their experiences, ask questions and seek help. 

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How Do You Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Your Socially-Driven Efforts, Personal Wellness, and Other Business Ventures? 

I have great flexibility to plan my day. I try to schedule everything related to work during the daytime, and no meetings after seven pm, unless it is a networking event. 

[For my dedicated] self-time, I would either listen to music, stretch at home, [or spend time] with my cat. [This is something I encourage] my team as well, we all respect each other’s private time and want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

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