Singapore’s latest app, Fixir- is every driver’s most trusted companion.

We had a moment to catch up with one of our Soundboard presenters Glenn Ong to understand how Fixir Up came about and how this mighty app will soon change the way we deal with car maintenance and repairs.

Can you share with us the background story of yourself and Fixir?

Fixir grew out of a simple frustration we ran into – how can you tell if you’re paying too much for your car maintenance or repair?

Through an intuitive mobile application, drivers can quickly submit their car problem via a description or photo and receive quotations from nearby trusted workshops, enabling them to make an informed decision.

With Fixir, say goodbye to shady workshops and together let us welcome the new era of value pricing, quality service and top-notch efficiency in the automotive after sales industry.

Personally, I started several businesses before and the key thing is always to provide value for consumers. We don’t charge our drivers a cent for our service and are currently creating a community of drivers to help one another.

Are there any new exciting things on the horizon for Fixir?

We’re implementing a valet system where drivers no longer have to take time off just to bring their cars for servicing. With a click of a button, our trained valet will bring your car from your workplace or home to the workshop and back safely.

In addition, we will be implementing predictive maintenance whereby the car will now notify the driver when there’s an issue and the car can be attended to before it even breaks down.

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