With the recent global launch of EatMe.io, Junglee Games is hitting the online market with their user-friendly and inventive fish-eat-fish game.

Junglee Games began four years ago as a way for Founder and CEO Ankush
Gera to explore options in the gaming technology market. With a significant presence in India, they created their first prototype online real-money gambling platform. After new found success in India with their online game, Rummy, the company turned their attention to the mobile market. However, the company didn’t start off with targeting a global market explains Joseph Cooper, VP of Mobile at Junglee.


Joseph Cooper joined the company in 2014 as VP of Mobile and helped to branch Junglee Games into the mobile market in India. A California native with a laid-back style, Cooper took inspiration from the popular web and app game, Agar.io, and created their version of the game with a casual and competitive spirit, Eatme.io. In 2015, the company launched the first edition of the game; the objective was simply to eat other fish and become the largest fish.


Over the course of a year, the game has evolved from the simple clone of Agar.io and has expanded to include consumer suggestions such as battles with other players and evolution. Similarly, the team and tech systems of the company have also evolved to help create a better user experience for the game; with larger and more powerful servers that allow for the game to go global.

In terms of future plans for Eatme.io, Junglee Games is hoping to hit their goals in their analytics and data sets to hopefully bring even better content to the game.


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