Kyoto, Japan, has emerged as a hotspot for DeepTech, clean energy, health, as well as IoT startups. Its hospitable entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to mature, driving high-tech innovation and new scientific discoveries in Japan.  

Innovation amongst Kyoto-based firms is at an all-time high. The region has emerged as the leading hub to incubate Japan’s up-and-coming startups pushing groundbreaking inventions and ultra-modern solutions in energy and environment, healthcare, hardware, and IoT.  As a promising startup ecosystem, Kyoto‘s emerging innovations are paving the path for DeepTech and greener solutions to build sustainable and smart cities within the region, while solving various urban challenges.

Japanese startup Enecoat Technologies is one of such DeepTech innovations arising in Kyoto. The firm has shown great progress in developing a next-generation solar cell called perovskite using its proprietary technology, which upon completion is expected to produce the same amount of energy as a typical solar panel of the exact size.

The Co-founder and Chief Executive of the company, Naoya Kato, commented, “We are hoping to market them in three to four years, but to use them outdoors, we need to make them durable for any kind of weather conditions, so that will take longer.”

Deep Tech Japan

Such startups are gaining recognition for their innovation in DeepTech, merging high-end engineering capabilities with newest scientific discovery to develop modern-day transformational solutions. However, many may encounter difficulties with launching their applications in due course, with limited time and high-costs, which further wary’s potential investors and private venture equities on investing in those startups.

As a response to the problem, Kyoto University, celebrated for its amazing track record of producing the most Nobel Prize Winners in Asia, started a startup finance programme through its venture capital arm Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. (KYOTO-iCAP), to help launch innovative concepts developed by students and researchers alike.

Koji Murota, the head of the university’s Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation, added, “Kyoto University is strong in very hard science fields like regenerative medicine, stem cell science, and CleanTech energy.”

Since the established of its innovation department and investment fund, the university has observed a significant increase in the number of startups produced by their students by more than a doubled.

Deep Tech Japan

The upward trajectory of Kyoto’s startup ecosystem and the rise of DeepTech concepts plays a significant part in aiding new innovative and inventions in Japan, driving the country’s growth and future success across the region.