Finix, a Singapore-based inclusive athleisure brand, has dropped The Freedom Collection this January, advocating for self-expression, mindfulness, and movement.

Finix, launched in 2020, is a local Singaporean inclusive athleisure brand that advocates for self-expression, mindfulness, and movement to support the yoga, dance, and movement communities. Its collections feature a unique genderless style from an Asian perspective, characterised by their relaxed fits and contemporary designs. 

This year, Finix has launched The Freedom Collection, a genderless collection that perfectly preserves the company’s mission to provide authenticity and self-expression through movement. Gender-neutral apparel is making the rounds in mainstream fashion, and Finix is adding mindful movement pieces to the options available. 


The Freedom Collection, Finix’s first main drop, features bottoms and outerwear, including the Freedom Noragi Jacket, a relaxed take on a traditional kimono designed for comfort and mobility, the Freedom Harem Joggers, and Shorts, which move perfectly with your body, the Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt that features a wide, drop neck perfect for dancers, and the bold Rise Cropped Hoodie. This collection seamlessly complements previous drops by Finix, which feature colourful tops and flowy silhouettes. The collection has also made a push for sustainability, using eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel™ and Odell ice cotton. 

Leonard Cheong Finix Founder

Leonard Cheong, Founder of Finix

The Freedom Collection is inspired by each individual’s liberty to express themselves, move freely, and be one’s authentic self, inviting the question, “What is your freedom?” – if you were truly free to be who you are, what would that look like? The collection represents different stories of diverse backgrounds and gender identities – from movement, yoga, and dance practitioners, to members of the LGBTQIA+ community that are part of a generation of people who practice and value authenticity and self-expression. 

Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt Finix

“As a fashion movement, genderless clothing is entering our mainstream culture thanks to a rising generation of young individuals who are breaking convention with what they choose to wear,” said Leonard Cheong, Founder and CEO of Finix. “As someone who grew up amid traditional notions of gender, with fashion often seen in a rigid binary, I have always wanted to explore greater fluidity and diversity in how we express ourselves through our lifestyle and fashion choices. With this in mind, I was inspired and motivated to create Finix, an inclusive and modern athleisure label that embraces authentic self-expression. The Freedom Collection is a reflection of my perspective as a designer and personal experience in genderless dressing, focusing on more fluid silhouettes.”

Genderless fashion is not a new concept, yet is projected to grow even more than it already has, driven by higher demand for gender-neutral clothing by younger generations, like Milennials and Gen Z. 


The Freedom Collection by Finix can be found online, and at the Finix Design Orchard Space at 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905.


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