Japanese bike manufacturer ICOMA introduces their new product, the Tatamel Bike, a foldable electric motorcycle that can fit into small spaces for convenient maintenance and storage.

ICOMA’s latest product, the Tatamel Bike, is an electric motorcycle that can be folded for easy storage.

The design measures 1230mm long, 1000mm tall, and 650mm wide when it is fully unfolded. When it is folded for parking, the size of the motorcycle shrinks down to only 700mm long, 680mm tall, and 260mm wide. The frontside of the vehicle is designed to fold up and lock into place when ready to ride, while the backside extends from underneath the side panel and rests on a kickstand once fully removed.

Tatamel Bike_ICOMA's Foldable Electric Motorcycle


The Japanese product uses a lithium iron phosphate battery with the capacity of 12Ah (approximately 0.6kWh). It can power the vehicle to a top speed of 40km/h, and the motorcycle is capable of running for roughly 50km on one charge with a portable power supply. The large internal battery can also be used to charge other electronic devices such as cell phones, as the design supports both concentric plug and USB.

The foldable electric motorcycle features rectangular side panels, and riders can customise them with various colours and materials as well as illustrations or specific signage. The seat of the bike fits above the side panel with a flat top, while the handles extend outward from the front of the vehicle.

Tatamel Bike (customised)_ICOMA's Foldable Electric Motorcycle


ICOMA is currently organising the mass production of the Tatamel Bike and has not announced a release date or price information. All data regarding the product revealed to the public is based on the prototype, and may be different from the final design for sale.

Featured banner image credit: icoma.co.jp


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