Japan-headquartered automotive startup, Fomm, announces their new electric vehicle conversion initiative, launching a service to remodel gasoline-powered cars into battery-swap EVs models, working to accelerate adoption in the region. 

Fomm has emerged as one of the most promising automobile companies in Japan, established in 2013 by veteran engineer, Hideo Tsurumaki, who formerly worked at Suzuki Motor, bringing his years of experience to innovate new and green automotive solutions. The startup has announced the upcoming launch of their newest service that will allow gasoline-powered car owners to convert their vehicles into electric ones by remodelling and installing a battery and motor.

Through the new initiative, Fomm aims to help accelerate the optimisation and adoption of EVs in the region. The startup will also offer battery-swap services for their customers, saving them time in recharging old ones.

Fomm EVs


EV conversion services have shown great potential in recent years. Additionally, as the Japanese government continues to ease regulations and impositions on the automotive industry and battery storage in warehouses, a more favourable environment is emerging for electric vehicle innovators.

Fomm plans to target Suzuki microvan Every for their initial solution offerings, replacing its engine with a motor and battery. As the fleet of cars is widely adopted by many local delivery enterprises, the service anticipates a surge in demand from the distribution sector, as many are looking to reduce their vehicles’ recharging time, while optimising their operation rates.

Fomm’s batteries and motors are manufactured in Japan and Thailand. All remodelled vehicles will go through a standard car safety check by the local transport department, prior to being permitted for road usage.

Tackling the problem of long-recharging time, Fomm will allow customers to simply exchange their car batteries through their system which will take up to two minutes to install.

Fomm EVs


The startup will also partner with local auto repair service providers to carry out the conversion process and offer them EV battery-swap training to deliver optimal quality to their customers.

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