Hong Kong-based consultancy Food Made Good HK rebrands as Future Green to expand the reach of their sustainability expertise to a wider client base.

Food Made Good HK, the city’s leading sustainability voice within its F&B sector, has rebranded as Future Green, aiming to expand their reach to work with a wider range of companies, including ones not directly engaged in food services, such as corporations and schools & universities.

Heidi Yu Spurrell, the Founder of Food Made Good HK and CEO of Future Green shared, “The demand for expert sustainability guidance is growing in every business sector. We therefore felt it necessary not to confine ourselves to food services and F&B. Future Green can offer dedicated help to a wider range of clients – from auditing their current footprint to strategy sprints and creating a realistic roadmap with achievable targets covering their entire operations. As a certified B-Corp, we bring unique expertise and credibility to any business context.”

Food Made Good Rebrands as Future Green

As growing awareness of global sustainability issues come to light, an increased demand for expertise on creating effective transformation programmes by companies in the Asia Pacific Region (APAC). With Food Made Good HK’s three years of dedication within the local food scene, Future Green is the brand’s next evolution to meet these demands.

Future Green will work to help businesses formulate credible strategies such as developing guidelines that integrate sustainability across all operations using methodologies that align with international standards, or advising on seeking an eco-conscious caterer, with the support of its global network of specialist partners and consultants.

“Through Future Green, we can provide a range of services beyond F&B that our region badly needs, for example, helping schools and corporations with sustainable food procurement that aligns with their values. As we recently saw at COP 27, food sustainability is now at the top of many company’s agendas. Isn’t it time we partnered with you?” continued Heidi.

Food Made Good Rebrands as Future Green

Additional sectors beyond food services Future Green is eyeing include retailers, food manufacturers, and corporations. Their initial clients will be from from the real estate and education sectors, demonstrating the consultancy’s potential to deliver sustainability solutions to a wider scope.

“There is a perception that embracing sustainability has to be complicated and expensive-we can prove it doesn’t. For sustainable food systems to be scaled and normalised, all companies must make their businesses greener, less polluting and more restorative. If a strategy is set out from the get-go and properly implemented, it will add value to your brand and boost team morale. We marry Food Sustainability with Strategy Sprints as a core service which reduces the need for lengthy meetings and rallies teams around sustainability consensus building. By supporting businesses in identifying purpose, ambition, strategy and priorities we have a winning formula,” Heidi concluded.

Food Made Good Rebrands as Future Green

Future Green will be hosting an Our Food Our Future Sustainability Unconference on Friday, the 17th of February, 2023. Conference, speaker, and ticketing information can be found here.


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