After 15 years of working in the agency PR scene in London, Kristine Nudds decided to set up Feel Good PR to support ethical businesses.

She moved across the world to Hong Kong six years ago, and continued to support ethical practice in business through her CSR consultancy, The Feel Good Business. In September 2015, Kristine launched Inspired, an online shopping platform that provides lifestyle products created as ethically as possible.

Combining her passion for doing good for the community with her years of experience and knowledge of the PR industry, Kristine aims to inspire and educate Hong Kong about ethical brands. “I wanted an opportunity to ‘give something back’, through my work, and that’s what started my journey,” she says. Her passion soon turned into her career and now it’s a business offering ethical products right here in Hong Kong.

Back then whilst running Feel Good PR, by chance, she was working with beautiful products that all came with a story which triggered Kristine to create a one stop shop for ethical products. “I wanted to put products under one roof, an easy place to go to for authentic products for beauty, fashion, accessories and a mix of lifestyle items like candles,” she says.

“Our bags are made by a local Cambodian social enterprise named Smateria. Often social enterprises are so small that they can’t cater on a larger commercial scale. s but they offer large  Their business approach is ethical as they are supporting local women and their families with fair wages, benefits and training” says Kristen, who previously met the founders whilst traveling. “It’s important to understand and follow the journey of the brand,” she adds.

In recent years, the ethical scene in Hong Kong has grown and according to Kristine, it’s an exciting time to be part of this movement. “The media has done a great job supporting it. The local community is starting to understand it more and picking it up,” she says. So how can we learn more about ethical brands? “There’s a massive need for education in Hong Kong so the best way is to read different platforms. Ecozine has a weekly newsletter where you can learn more about different ethical brands and I also write for a new title called Ecoco Magazine.”



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