Pet adoption made easy – from small furry kittens to lovable rescue dogs, these amazing animal shelters are committed to finding you the ideal pet match for your family and home. Read our guide to find the best animal shelters in Hong Kong to adopt your next furry friend from and support a good cause!

Returning back home to a furry friend is undoubtedly the most wholesome feeling one could experience. While everyone may love to have a pet, it can be a difficult and costly process to find the ideal one for your household. Adopting rescued animals makes a great alternative to outsourcing expensive breeds of pets while supporting your local animal shelters and advocating against animal cruelty

Many of Hong Kong’s small-scale animal shelters, as well as the bigger names, including the SPCA, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, and others, have been overwhelmed by a growing number of rescues, strays, and surrenders left at their doors. Amid the pandemic, many pet owners, volunteers, and other help have moved abroad, leaving local shelters with immense pressure to house and support these rescued and abandoned animals, with many running at full occupancy and with limited assistance, and these numbers are only expected to rise. 

Adopting pets comes with great responsibility, and makes an even bigger impact

Adopt Pet Hong Kong

For those looking to adopt their next pet in Hong Kong, there are multiple things to consider, starting by assessing your budget, time, accommodations, and understanding the responsibilities that come with it, from nurturing and caring, to feeding and training your newest member of the family. 

Hong Kong’s animal shelters have made considerable strides to ease and facilitate the adoption process, from matching you with your ideal pet, to preparing you for the necessary arrangements to accommodate your first animal friend! While there may be plenty of pets for you to choose from, it is best to spend some quality time with one first, to understand their needs and bond better. 

Whether you are hoping to make a furry addition to your family or looking to foster and volunteer at one of your local rescue organisations, we have got you covered with some of Hong Kong’s most loved animal shelters to get you started on your adoption journey. 

Sai Kung Stray Friends

Catherine’s Puppies 

A well-known name amongst pet owners in Hong Kong. Catherine’s Puppies was founded in 2015 by Catherine Lumsden, committing to rescuing abandoned and abused dogs while ensuring they are adopted into loving and nurturing homes. Besides running a small shelter home located in the outskirts of Sai Kung, Catherine has actively taken upon the role of an educator to offer guidance on the process of adopting and caring for her rescued dogs. Living up to their motto, “Adopt, not Shop,” Catherine’s Puppies hosts regular dog adoptions events where you can meet, play, and potentially home one of those pet puppies. 

Run entirely on donations, the organisation is constantly in search of extra helping hands, and individuals can also donate money or volunteer their time to the shelter to support this good cause!

Address: 7, Tai Lam Wu Road, Sai Kung

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 11am-4pm 

Adopt Pet Hong Kong_Catherine’s Puppies


Hong Kong Paws  

Hong Kong Paws was established in 2011 as a registered welfare charity aiding in the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of stray animals. The organisation is operated mainly with the donations and assistance of the volunteers driving the cause by holding regular pet meet-ups and adoptions at Discovery Bay, as well as Hong Kong island. 

Since its founding, the animal welfare group has not only rescued and housed a considerable number of dogs and cats, but has also actively raised awareness on animal abuse and abandonment. Furthermore, it seeks to empower the general public on the roles and responsibilities of raising their pets to lower animal cruelty and abandonment rates. While there are more than one ways to extend your support other than adoption, animal lovers and interested individuals are welcome to join their foster programmes. 

Address: Hong Kong Paws Foundation, Discovery Bay

Adopt Pet Hong Kong_Hong Kong Paws


Lifelong Animal Protection Charity 

On the mission to alleviate animal cruelty and homelessness, Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP)  has gained attention for their charitable work and large scale pet rescues. From local celebrity endorsement, to conducting educational talks and workshops at schools, as well as operating fundraising campaigns for rescued pets, and more, the LAP is determined to address and crack these issues. Its community is widespread and carries out various adoption events, allowing individuals to support the generous cause by raising donations, fostering rescued animals, and rehoming abandoned pets to offer them a permanent refuge. 

The organisation has two adoption spots- their Sai Ying Pun home for abandoned kittens and cats, and their dedicated dog rescue in Tsuen Wan. 

Address: 11 First St, Sai Ying Pun; Allway Gardens Block E, 187 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 10am-7pm 

Lifelong Animal Protection Charity

Kirsten’s Zoo

Kirsten’s Zoo is yet another non-profit animal welfare organisation, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming various kinds of small animals, from cats and dogs, to birds, rabbits, turtles, and many others. Taking a more personal approach to their work, the adoption house narrates each individual story of those abandoned and abused rescues, to offer individuals a closer look into their potential pets lives while appealing directly to their emotional selves.

All animals that are rescued into Kirsten’s Zoo are not only well-fostered, but are also given the best medical assistance depending on their needs. Interested to adopt with Kirsten – keep posted on their upcoming adoption days and take the time to look through and make a connection with those the listed animals awaiting adoption. 

Upcoming Event: 9th and 23rd October, Peak Cafe Bar 

Hours: 1:30-4:30pm 

Adopt Pet Hong Kong_Kirsten’s Zoo

Sai Kung Stray Friends

Sai Kung Stray Friends is a local animal shelter founded by Narelle Pamuk in 2014. The nonprofit organisation is run primarily by volunteers and backed by donations. With the continuous support of the local community, the shelter has managed to grow their operations from rescuing strays, abandoned, and abused dogs, to delivering medical care and rehabilitation efforts for rescued pets. Its Sai Kung Kennel currently houses over 100 dogs in search of a permanent home. 

For those interested in adopting a rescued dog, now is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the shelter to meet your newest furry friend- and remember to book an appointment before you visit! 

 Address: 151 Tai Lam Wu Rd, Sai Kung

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 10:30am–4:30pm

Adopt Pet Hong Kong_Sai Kung Stray Friends


Paws United Charity 

Paws United Charity (PUC) is a registered nonprofit organisation founded in Hong Kong, and ran entirely with the assistance of its animal-loving volunteers. The animal rescue charity is dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned and abused cats and dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Undertaking various projects over the years, the adoption centre is eager to deliver on its mission in advocating for responsible pet ownership, and championing the rights and humane treatment of animals. Through its remarkable charitable work, along with partnerships and collaborations with some locally-famed names, PUC has managed to effectively share the stories and plights of many of their rescued animals. 

PUC is actively seeking to change the narrative around rescued animals, and their most recent campaign encourages all to adopt their next pets, giving them a forever home that they deserve.

Address: Shop 210 & 209, The Pulse, 28 Beach Rd, Repulse Bay

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 11am–6pm

Paws United Charity


Home For Homeless Dog

A hard to miss organisation for dog lovers in the area, Home For Homeless Dog is a small shelter home for dogs located in an outlying village in Tai Po. Born out of pure passion and admiration for animalkind, the founder built this kennel wholeheartedly to welcome and accommodate abandoned dogs, while finding the best possible homes and adopters for their rescues. The kennel extends its support from newborn pups, to injured and abused dogs, and other abandonment cases, while providing treatment and care for these animals. 

Witnessing the recent displacement of numerous pets around the city, the shelter hopes to provide them with nurturing households that meet their every need. Aside from adopting a pet, individuals can join their monthly sponsorship programme to support the daily operational costs and efforts of the kennel. For those interested in adoption and volunteering with Home For Homeless Dog, book your date ahead of visitation. 

Address: 89 Che Tei, Wai Tau Village, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Appointment only 

Adopt Pet Hong Kong_Home For Homeless Dog


Hong Kong Saving Cat and Dog Association 

The Hong Kong Saving Cat and Dog Association (HKSCDA) launched its mission to reuse and house numerous stray and abandoned animals back in 2007. It has since expanded its adoption services, and actively helps rescue and control the stray dog population on the streets of Hong Kong. Aside from providing shelter for rescued dogs and cats, the nonprofit organisation is committed to caring and nurturing for ill and injured animals, and performing spaying and neutering procedures for strays. 

With the help of enthusiastic volunteers and generous donations over the years, HKSCDA has successfully rescued and found loving homes for over 2,000 cats and dogs, and continues to “support adoption and save lives,” upholding their cause and motto. 

Adopt Pet Hong Kong_Hong Kong Saving Cat and Dog Association



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