Vietnamese InsurTech startup Ideal Life launches the country’s first one-stop pocket insurance app, IZIon24 tailor-made to support diverse consumer needs through a multitude of features and benefits.

Vietnam has been a fertile ground for insurance and technology innovation, its InsurTech market has expanded significantly in parallel to the nation’s economic development. The country’s insurance industry is forecast to reach US$3.5 billion by 2026 and among is pioneers, is startup Ideal Life, leading innovation and agility in insurance technology. The InsurTech company recently announced the launch of its all-purpose pocket insurance app, IZIon24, being the first of its kind in Vietnam.

Delivering streamlined solutions for consumers’ diverse insurance needs, the app will function to facilitate the process of policy coverage from purchasing and managing schemes, to additional assistance with claims and recovery, along with our benefits.

Its intuitive interface will allow potential customers to compare various insurance offerings and packages, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Deploying cutting-edge technologies in its one-stop solution, IZIon24 satisfies unique insurance demands through its simple, lucid, and intelligent application language, making information easily accessible and comprehensive. Users no longer need to stress over keeping track of their insurance, as the near-automated feature allows users to access and manage policies anytime, anywhere, merely with a single touch.

Moreover, IZIon24 has made it easy for customers to source and scout the ideal insurance plan for their unique needs, without having to go through various consultations with experts.

Ideal Life Debuts Vietnam's First Pocket Insurance App

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duy, the Director of Ideal Life Consultancy JSC, commented “IZIon24 was created with the intention of serving as a bridge to bring suitable insurance products closer to customers, and leverage advanced technology solutions to answer their needs. In that sense, we also want to change the perception of Vietnamese about insurance by providing an easy experience with added value through IZIon24.”

Available on Android and iOS, and anticipates delivering different insurance products tailor-made to cater to a diverse portfolio of customers, and is set to expand on its current offerings.


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