Hong Kong-based nonprofit organisation, ImpactHK, launches winter campaign “No One Forgotten this Winter,” dedicating its drive to raise awareness, funds, and compassion for the local homeless population. 

Homelessness and poverty have become a growing problem in Hong Kong, following a massive recession, wage reduction, and inflation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, the city’s unemployment rate increased significantly, reaching a fifteen-year high with over 5.83% of the population severed from their companies.

With over 23.6% of the local population living under the poverty line, there is an urgency for change.

ImpactHK Winter Campaign

ImpactHK is a nonprofit organisations in Hong Kong advocating change by enabling and empowering the local homeless population in leading self-sustaining lives through their range of holistic aid and offerings.

Dedicated to making a greater impact, the nonprofit has announced the launch of its winter campaign, “No One Forgotten This Winter,” pledging to raise HK$1 million to expand its holistic support services, along with other outreach activities in 2023.

ImpactHK continues to commit to supporting and helping those in need to ensure that no one is forgotten this winter.

ImpactHK Winter Campaign

Set to run from now until the 25th of December, 2022, the campaign hopes to bring more awareness and monetary aid, while driving support and compassion among the local population for those living in poverty. The funds raised during the campaign will allow ImpactHK to commit to hosting 900 kindness walks in 2023, aiming to deliver food and other essential commodities to over 500 people across 14 districts.

In addition to this, the organisation plans to improve its reformational support services through their employment programmes which will offer 1,800 hours of training for its case workers. The initiative intends to build a deeper emotional and practical support system between the case workers and those living on the streets.  

ImpactHK Winter Campaign

The Founder and CEO of ImpactHK, Jeff Rotmeyer, is leading the master campaign, encouraging people to raise funds and build awareness of homelessness through various activities designed to compel individuals in feeling empathy and closeness to those less fortunate. The activities include walking a mile without any shoes, staying awake for 24 hours, spend a period without food, allowing them to experience what most living in poverty may endure in their day-to-day.

Jeff will also camp in Lantau on the 3rd of December to raise funds for the movement, without a pillow, tent, or food.  

ImpactHK Winter Campaign

Individuals and companies can participate in this winter campaign by making a donation on its official fundraising page and supporting Jeff’s fundraiser- “Take Away Camping.” Individuals can also create and share their own fundraiser to raise funds and support the cause. 

ImpactHK Winter Campaign

Learn more about ImpactHK and how you can make a difference this winter here.


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