Impossible Foods’ meatless pork is set to be available in Hong Kong from October 4th, and will also be released in Singapore later this year. The product is claimed to be better in terms of taste and nutritional value than actual pork.

Impossible Foods‘ meatless ground pork product, which has been available in the U.S. since September 23rd, will soon be available in restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore, with plans for retail expansion in the markets later this year. The launch marks Impossible Foods’ third commercial initiative after their introductions to meatless beef and chicken, showing the firm’s determination to solidify its position in the plant-based protein manufacturing industry.

Impossible Foods Meatless Pork_Dim Sum Bar

Dim Sum Bar

“Pig typically isn’t regarded as a healthy product, but here you have a substitute that tastes just as good but is actually better for you,” said Dennis Woodside, the President of Impossible Foods.

The meatless pork, according to the company, contains the same amount of protein as traditional meat, but with no cholesterol and far less saturated fat. 

Regarding the product’s potential demand in the Hong Kong market, 54% of surveyees, who have taken a blind taste test conducted by Impossible Foods, said they preferred the meatless pork.

Impossible Foods_Meatless Pork

“We’re not going to launch a product unless it’s actually better than the animal analog — both in terms of taste, which that data proves, and in terms of nutritional value,” said Woodside.

The ground pork product marked its debut in New York on Thursday, and it is planned to be available in Hong Kong from October 4th and Singapore later this year. The pork will be offered in major restaurant chains in Hong Kong, including Ruby Tuesday, Tim Ho Wan, and Beef & Liberty.

Impossible Foods Meatless Pork_Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty

The launch is expected to create a sensation in the market as people are now more aware of the environmental impact of traditional animal farming. Global livestock is responsible for 14.5% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. 

The meatless pork, according to Impossible Foods, uses 81-85% less water, 66-82% less land, and produces 73-77% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular pork production.

Impossible Foods’ meatless pork will also be available for people in Hong Kong to sample at Taikoo’s Tong Chong Street Market from October 4th, with 100 free bento boxes given away every day until the 8th, giving potential customers and skeptics alike a chance to try their alternative meat. The giveaway event will have a different theme every day, from Dim Sum to Classic Chinese, to East Meets West from popular local restaurants. 

Impossible Foods meatless pork_Taikoo Place

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