Learn all about the travelling and working lifestyle of the young Gérard Ngo, Data Analyst of 55.

It’s a Monday morning in the office and over a cluttered desk, Gérard sips his coffee whilst engaging in a serious discussion about digital marketing and web analytics. When he moved over to Hong Kong from Paris in June 2015 with the intention to explore Asia, an opportunity came up to work for Fifty-Five, one of the leading data agencies across the globe.

Describing himself as a humble and outgoing type of guy who enjoys the simple things in life whilst working in the busy city of Hong Kong, we spoke to Gérard between meetings about growing up in Paris and working in Asia.


Can you tell us more about studying in Paris?

I went to one of the leading business schools in Paris and studied everything related to business from finance to economics to customer behaviour to international business. During my studies, I worked for a French startup called Deways for 6 months for and then after graduation, I worked as a trader before looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Why did you transition from being a banker to working as a data analyst?

I moved from banking to a digital agency because banking wasn’t interesting enough, full of processes and hierarchy. I wanted to move to a move dynamic sector and digital marketing seemed to be a good mix between dynamism, interest and skill set I have to learn. Indeed, the industry is moving every day and one has to keep learning every day when working there.

What are the challenges of being a data analyst?

When people are trying to understand CRM and digital marketing but they are doing it wrong, especially in Hong Kong. The market in Asia is not as mature compared the U.S and the clients need to understand this.


What’s the most exciting things you’ve done for Fifty-Five?

Being sent abroad to help set up Fifty-Five in Hong Kong. It’s amazing to see the business grow and people really rely on you when you start working with a close knit team. We’ve just opened our office in Shanghai.

How is work life different in Hong Kong and Paris?

The working pace is different but I guess it depends on the sector though. However, for my specific industry, Europe is much more mature and that makes my job more interesting in Paris than in Hong Kong.

What do customers usually ask for help with Fifty-Five?

Fifty-Five was founded by ex-Googlers in Paris. We have 7 years of experience with the best experts in France which makes the company legitimate to help its clients manage and analyze its data. Our mission is a bottom up mission from collecting data to shaping strategy based on data analysis.

We do data analysing for data marketing purpose- part of digital marketing. We help people collect data and target people on the social media, websites, their audience. To help bring more customers to your website.

How would you describe the team?

We have one of the Co-Founder but also one of the best analytics expert in the world. Then we have a program manager who is in charge of sales and staffing, one program lead who is managing the accounts and three data analysts. I’d say we work pretty well altogether.


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