Shop local with Hive Life’s guide to living sustainably in Taipei, featuring eco-friendly restaurants and lifestyle brands that are driving zero-waste practices in the neighbourhood. 

Taiwan’s continued commitment to tackling climate change has propelled many local businesses to build circularity within their operations. Green shopping habits have also gained greater momentum in the region, increasing demand for eco-friendly products. Modern-day shoppers are actively seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, while adopting a greener lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly dining spot, or a zero-waste home and lifestyle shop, we have got you covered with our guide to living sustainably in Taipei.

Living Sustainably in Taipei

Sustainable Restaurants

Ooh Cha Cha

Ooh Cha Cha is Taipei’s first plant-based restaurant, serving authentic Asian fare with a modern twist, from Fiery Buffalo Tofu Bowl, to Sunny Side Burger, and plenty more wholesome vegan dishes. Their cutting-edge recipes are curated with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, maintaining a minimal footprint throughout all operations.

Ooh Cha Cha’s menu also consists of refreshing green smoothies and desserts made with rich and nourishing ingredients. Setting a bar for sustainable living in the city, the eco-friendly bistro holds community health and wellbeing at its core, inspiring people to take a mindful approach to their everyday dietary choices, by serving simple, natural, and nutritious fare. 

Insider’s Tip: If you are feeling low on energy, try Ooh Cha Cha’s “Body Boost” smoothie packed full of vitamins and minerals for a nutritious pick-me-up!

Address: No. 207號, Section 2, Nanchang Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Open from: 10am-9pm 

Ooh Cha Cha


Launched by two plant-based cuisine connoisseurs, Square Jao and Lily Lin, Plants is an emerging vegan haven in Taipei. The chef-founders behind the restaurant have curated a globally-inspired menu packed with innovative Asian flavours and spices with influences from Thai, Japanese, Indian, and Middle Eastern delicacies. 

Whether it is their hearty Tom Kha Noodles, aromatic Vegetarian Korma and Pilaf, or other sweet delights, everything is cooked with an earth-first approach. All dishes are made using natural, vegetable-based, and whole ingredients sourced from local and fair-trade organic farms. 

Insider’s Tip: Give Plants’ menu a try at home with their cookbook filled with must-try plant-based recipes, available for purchase online or in-store. 

Address: 1F, No. 10, Lane 253, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei City 106 (click here for other locations)

Open from: Tues-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm 

Living Sustainably in Taipei_Plants


Sustainable Groceries  


Promoting zero-waste shopping to locals is homegrown bulk food grocery store, Unpackaged.U. With two outlets in the city, this farmgate-experiential wholesaler is celebrated for its sustainable endeavours, even eliminating the use of plastic packaging completely, while encouraging customers to bring reusable containers to stock up on essential food items. 

Unpackaged.U is dedicated to changing shoppers’ perspectives on organic and fair-trade products by providing them with accessible, high-quality, and affordable household commodities.  

The store offers an extensive range of wholefood items, including grains and superfoods, spices and oils, as well as other organic ingredients sourced from local farmers, producers, and creators. 

Insider’s Tip: Unpackaged.U hosts regular zero-waste and sustainable workshops at their locations, and individuals can check out upcoming activities via their website

Address: No. 16, Guiyang Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City (click here for other locations)

Open from: 11am-9pm 

Sustainable Groceries_Unpackaged.U

YongKang Farmers’ Market 

YongKang Farmers’ Market is situated on the bustling shopping paradise of Yongkang Street, renowned for unique food concepts, artisanal stores, and much more. The neighbourhood gem is packed on weekends, housing over 40 vendors selling everything from fresh and locally-grown fruits and vegetables, to organic rice, fermented teas, natural honey and jams, along with various other handmade products. 

YongKang Farmers’ Market cultivates the city’s flourishing agriculture scene by offering independent businesses and producers the space to showcase and sell their yields, while upholding community wellbeing by spotlighting their eco-friendly processes. Local vendors are committed to offering customers the freshest, safest, and healthiest ingredients, ensuring the quality of their products. 

Insider’s Tip: YongKang offers the perfect environment for visitors to connect with local farmers and learn more about the eco-friendly practices behind their trade. 

Address: 109 Huaining Street, Zhongzheng District/Yongkang Park

Open from: First Sat-Sun of every month, 10am-6pm

YongKang Farmers’ Market 


Sustainable Fashion  

Story Wear

Story Wear is a fashion social enterprise reimagining the zero-waste movement in Taiwan. The upcycled denim brand was founded in 2014 by sustainability entrepreneur and advocate, Kuan Chen, with an ambition to promote circularity within a wasteful industry. Kuan spent years streamlining the production process to produce a minimal footprint, while salvaging most of the fabric, and Story Wear has since grown by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the prominent names in the local eco scene, revered for their earth-first approach, forward designs, and ethical manufacturing practices. 

Made with quality and care in mind, their tailor-made denim staples showcase impeccable craftsmanship. The brand carries an extensive fashion range from tote bags, and shirts, to two-piece suits, blazer sets, and more, ensuring that nothing goes to waste by fully utilising its resources and recycled fabrics. 

The label also works with local mothers and seamstresses, empowering them with economic stability, while offering them a greater sense of community. 

Insider’s Tip: Story Wear has a dedicated fundraising collection to support various causes, and customers can shop for selected products as part of this drive.  

Address: 1/F, No.88, Yanchang Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11072

Open from: 11am-9:30pm

Sustainable Fashion_Story Wear

Little Sparrow

A second-hand treasure cove tucked away in a quaint alleyway in Jiangzicui- Little Sparrow is locally renowned for their timeless vintage selection. The thrift store recaptures the essence of pre-loved fashion, housing an affordable and trendy range of revived clothing and accessories, from modern streetwear selects, to upcycled denim jeans and shirts, and classic dresses, along with other minimalist styles. 

While most of their selections are recovered locally, Little Sparrow also boasts an incredible collection of indie-Japanese labels bringing their distinct style to the city, featuring army jackets, sweaters, embroidered sweaters, and more. The store inspires a slow and mindful way of living by further spotlighting local artisanal and eco-conscious brands for their customers to shop. 

Insider’s Tip: Little Sparrow hosts a regular “acquisition day” for their customers to give away unwanted clothing and accessories, individuals can stay posted on upcoming events via their website

Address: No. 46, Lane 125, Section 2, Wenhua Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Open from: Fri-Sun, 1-7pm

Living Sustainably in Taipei_Little Sparrow



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