Digital consumer tech company Logitech spoke at Hong Kong’s RISE conference on their focus on gaming products, the opportunity they see for them in China, and the steps they’re taking to seize it. 

The Swiss and American-based tech giant Logitech has made a name for itself as one of the world leaders in digital consumer products with a range that extends from wireless mice and PC peripherals to Bluetooth speakers and tablet keyboards. Always on the lookout for growth, their recent focus has been on gaming. As CEO Bracken Darell, who joined the company to reignite its gaming section into the USD 100 million business it is today, put it to the audience at Hong Kong’s tech conference RISE, “All you’ve got to do is just look in your household to see how many under-30-year-olds are playing these games. Young people are spending a lot on them and we’re selling high in an industry that is only going to get bigger over the next 20 or 30 years.”

Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell at RISE conference

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For Logitech, a large proportion of that growth is likely to take place in China. “The gaming industry has been our largest market for several years now. And China, in general, became our second-largest market around three years ago, so it’s central to our overall strategy that China users and consumers influence our overall portfolio,” explains Darell. To that end, they have just announced their renewed partnership with TSM, an ESports organisation based in the US that started off as a gaming community website and blossomed into one of the most successful ESports teams in the world with over 40 million followers. TSM are also looking east. “If you look at the scale and size of how many players are there in China, it’s definitely going to be the future,” Founder and CEO of TSM Andy Dinh told the crowd. TSM’s involvement has been a crucial part of the company’s success as they continue to supply feedback and input for Logitech’s high-performance gaming controllers and devices. “We have more technology invested, more technology developed, and more people working in the gaming business than any other gaming company with our wireless technology and ability to game with a wireless mouse being really valued by players,” explains Darrell, who believes that ESports will only continue to be even more lucrative for investors.

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Logitech Gaming Mouse

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Focused though it may be now on the ESports sphere, Logitech has, since its inception in 1981, been largely dedicated to designing tech products that impact everyday life, with their industry firsts ranging from thumb-operated trackballs to laser and infrared cordless mice. Outside the fun and entertainment of the gaming industry, their focus in this more practical sphere has recently turned to video conferencing. “Now, only about 4% of all conference rooms are video-enabled. Video conferencing is a big business for us so we’re definitely looking into expanding that number. And we’re also continuing to develop webcams, broadcast microphones, and even our wireless mouse technology to encourage the digital content creation industry to thrive. These are all big businesses for us, certainly with billion-dollar potential.”

Banner Photo Credit: David Fitzgerald/RISE via Sportsfile

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