SAii properties’ resident marine biologists care for injured sharks and other endangered species as part of S Hotels and Resorts Public Company Limited (S Hotels and Resorts)’ effort to conserve the environment and educate local communities with their Marine Discovery Centres.

S Hotels and Resorts, the hospitality arm of Singha Estate Thailand, has always been proactive in taking part in environmental preservation. The company is constantly working towards sustainable development, and has announced that two of its well-known resorts– SAii Phi Phi Island Village and SAii Lagoon Maldives– now feature dedicated Marine Discovery Centres. These centres will act as educational hubs where resident marine biologists lead critical conservation programmes.

The work of these marine biologists towards educating and supporting local communities, and preserving the environment is evident, thanks to the support of these marine discovery centres. In May 2021, local fishermen from Thailand’s Krabi province arrived with an injured lionfish they had accidentally caught whilst squid fishing.  Highly venomous and dangerous to handle, they knew it was important to handle the fish carefully. The lionfish is currently being nursed back to health by resident scientists. SAii Phi Phi Island Village also houses a clownfish nursery, where these colourful creatures can breed safely, away from hazardous environments and supporting repopulation efforts.

Injured lionfish_Marine Discovery Centres Opened by S Hotels and Resorts to Help Save Sharks in Thailand

Last month, villagers asked marine biologists for help with an injured bamboo shark they had discovered. Bamboo sharks are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s “Near Threatened” red list, so rehabilitation of the animal was crucial. Thanks to efforts of the resort’s team, the shark is now recovering in the centre’s nursery pond.

These positive actions show how these Marine Discovery Centres in Thailand are being integrated with their communities. Not only guest facilities and tourist attractions supporting sustainable tourism, they are regional hubs where anyone can learn about regional biodiversity. Almost half of the group’s hotel staff are local residents, which further emphasises the importance of connectivity with local communities.

“It is wonderful to see how our Marine Discovery Centres are working hand-in-hand with communities to save endangered species, including sharks, and craft meaningful connections with local people,” said Dirk De Cuyper, Chief Executive Officer, S Hotels & Resorts.

Marine Discovery Centres Opened by S Hotels and Resorts to Help Save Sharks in Thailand

S Hotels & Resorts continues to commit to sustainable development, more than a third of water produced by CROSSROADS Maldives and SAii Phi Phi Island Village was reclaimed and reused last year, and 100% of the suppliers used by the company were selected based on their sustainability contributions. The company is also working towards phasing out single-use plastic, and the group achieved “Green Leadership” title at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020.


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