BuzzAr, a metaverse startup based in Singapore showcases innovation at the London Tech Week with the launch of its proprietary technology, their real-time “Pop-up Metaverse” innovation, offering visitors an immersive experience. 

Singapore-based metaverse startup riding the Web3.0 wave, BuzzAR, successfully launched its trailblazing face-to-avatar “Pop-Up Metaverse” in real life (IRL) at the London Tech Week last month. Hundreds and more visitors turned up and got acquainted with the technological innovation, as the venture promoted its IRL meta avatars that turned human faces into avatar-like characters and mimicked the same facial expressions, among other functions.

Held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London, England, the event accommodated over 20,000 global government and corporate leaders, inspiring start-up founders, investors and arising tech-innovators in their space to probe the power and future of new technology in our societies. The experience came as an initiative to champion tech-for-good, with the “Minting Good” event to bring the leading creatives from Singapore and the United Kingdom at the forefront, organised by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), SGInnovate, and Singapore Global Network (SGN), in collaboration with Brytehall.

BuzzAR’s CEO and co-founder Bell Beh, spoke alongside the co-founders of Brytehall, Bettina von Schlippe and Bernard Toh on reimagining brand experiences in the metaverse. Both the startups were present at the London Tech Week 2022, and share the same vision and alignment to the potential of the metaverse.

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Furthermore, CTO and co-founder, Ken Lim, of BuzzAR stated, “We know that this is a challenging time for many brands to survive, but we do not want them to survive; we want them to thrive. We are opening all our innovations, technologies, and APIs to all brands. All approved brands can enter the metaverse with free advertisements, and re-market their products to our global gaming audience from 191 countries.”

This came as a great initiative and a step forward for the meta startup, as in less than four months upon closing its seed funding round procuring over US$3.8 million in capital, it managed to expand its augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) divisions, and has presented itself at the frontier of metaverse innovation with its IRL meta avatar. Moreover, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Heng Swee Keat experienced the immersive IRL Pop-Up Metaverse at Minting Good.

The IRL pop-up metaverse initiative was aligned with the launch of a virtual commerce infrastructure, Bae, BuzzAR’s first virtual avatar, currently available via mobile app by invitation only.

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