In the fiercely competitive world of retail, Diana Vo and Anna Biller are shaking up the swimwear scene with Mint Escape’s pop-up store in Central, Hong Kong.

Armed with a background in international apparel brands for major department stores, it’s no surprise Diana Vo and Anna Biller launched Mint Escape in 2016, offering stylish swimwear made from high-quality materials to get you ready for summer.

Creating an offline presence to build brand awareness for an online retailer was the driving force to launch the pop-up store. Customers are able to try and interact with products before making their purchase. “Even though the focus should be on online sales, people still need to try the bikini and feel the quality. Once you know your fit, you can order them online later,” explains Diane.

Known for having a diverse crowd in Central which ranges from local Hong Konger’s to expats- it’s the perfect location for Mint Escape to set up their first pop-up store. Located on 33 Wellington Street, it is the prime spot to shop for a bikini before the summer heat hits Hong Kong.

When discussing the planning stage of the launching, Diana explains how everything was prepared in advance; just like setting up a permanent shop. Starting from hiring staff, to setting up the payment system, to having sufficient stock, to designing the interiors, the final step was informing PR to get the news out.

Due to popular demand, the pop-up store has been extended until the end of April 2017. Unfortunately, there’s no plan for a permanent store yet, but expect more pop-ups and events around town.

Additional Information

Address: 33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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