Our Editorial Mission

Hive Life is about Creative Lifestyles. We are bringing together stories and writings across Asia and beyond for an audience that shares an outlook on life. Namely one that believes in the power of the creative process. Whether that is creative design, starting a new company, transforming an old company or changing a space’s use.

Entrepreneurship, architecture, design, travel, sustainability, places and events are the topics that we focus on. But we are also interested in the eclectic and historical – an old neighbourhood or street can often offer more riches and wonders than the new.

For those who are lucky enough to spend their working hours engaged in creative activities – Hive Life is intended to be the representation of the wider life that they are interested in.

Our articles are published in Sections:
– Business & Tech, one-to-one interviews, with people who are pushing ahead in their field
– Going Green, which is about people, companies, entrepreneurs doing amazing things
– Art & Culture, stories on recent and upcoming interesting events
– Style & Design, which is stories about a physical place eg city, district, street where the quirky is good
– Leaders & Influencers, where you’ll discover the lessons, insights and inner thoughts of people who have gone through extraordinary challenges
– Video Channel, videos clips, stories, interviews

We hope you will enjoy reading Hive Life either on the website, or via the fortnightly email.

Best wishes, the Hive Life Team