Much can be learned from Arne Jeroschewski, former CEO of Zalora and Founder of Singapore based startup Parcel Perform.

Arne Jeroschewski has a diverse backgrounds in logistics, eCommerce, PR and finance and the aim to help e-commerce players to optimize their logistics – it’s no surprise that the spirited team at Parcel Perform have reached great in a short amount of time. The newly-crowned finalists for Slush 2016 only launched the company in June 2016 and have already achieved a lot to beam about.

Parcel Platform is the leading carrier-independent parcel tracking service for merchants worldwide with over 600 logistics carriers connected and the most comprehensive standardization of logistics events. Working with thousands of merchants, tracking millions of parcels.

“There are so many fond memories – from onboarding our first employee, to investors agreeing to support us and the first money on the bank account. But I guess the highlight so far, really was being one of the winners of Slush. Standing on that stage & being able to share your excitement about your product with such a big crowd,” says Dana von der Heide, Co-Founder and CMO of Parcel Perform.



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