Say goodbye to traumatic dental check-ups with Goby.

We live in an age where it’s increasingly common for us to get those ivories stained with endless cups of tea and coffee in the morning. Whilst trips to the dentist and bleaching products help with teeth whitening, entrepreneurs Claire Burke and Ben Goldberg have another idea. Claire and Ben are the founders behind the latest electric toothbrush on the market, Goby. “You simply guide the toothbrush along and it cleans up everything in its path; say goodbye to traumatic dental check-ups,” says Claire.


Launched on 5th October 2016, Product Designer and MakerHive member Lucas Lappe brought this idea to life. As part of the Goby team, Lucas created an electric toothbrush head with a built-in timer to ensure
thorough cleaning. There’s an internal clock indicating the time to replace your brush head- now you can kiss your dentist goodbye.

“Inspired by the neon goby fish, also known as the “dentist of the sea,” Claire and Ben have impressively raised USD $2 million seed fund for the oral care brand. Prices start from USD $50 with a 60-day trial.

Their website also states their mission of trying to “make great oral care accessible to all. By partnering with the manufacturer and selling directly to you, we eliminate markups and are able to offer premium oral care products at a fair price.”

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