Just starting out and looking for ways to promote your business online for free? Here’s a couple of tips to help you get noticed without breaking the bank.

Most business owners find it hard to market their products online, mostly because of the thought that online marketing is expensive. If you spend time discovering the different marketing options available online, however, you will come across some profitable free options that can help you to start marketing your products and make sales. 

Almost all of the free online marketing platforms work as well as the paid options and many businesses are doing very well by exclusively utilising free marketing tools. So, where do you start? Here are 13 ways to help you promote your business free online


Using YouTube effectively can help you achieve great goals when it comes to marketing your business. You can create attractive videos to promote your business and upload them on YouTube. The best way to get clients through YouTube is to create videos that people like and would search for time and again.

Set up a blog

Blogs are known to be one of the best marketing tools because they can pull traffic in millions. Before going for paid blogs, you can create a free blog like WordPress and build your traffic from there. When using a blog to market, you are not limited to the type of content, whether videos or articles. 

Be present on social media

Social media is a vibrant tool to market your business for free. All you need is to open an account with one or more of the available social media platforms and read their policy on marketing. You can begin posting short marketing messages and then create short videos that are relevant to social media. 

Online communities

Online communities have different interests and purposes. Look for ones that are relevant to your business. There are many marketing online communities that you can join for free and if you post your products in those communities, you will likely get good business from its members. 

Send emails

Email marketing can help you to target your outreach to potential clients. With email marketing, you create lists by inviting people to sign up through your blog, searching for emails online, or using your business social media account. Make sure your email marketing messages are content-rich. 

Ask for referrals

Referrals can grow your business within the shortest time possible. Once you get a client, ask them if they can refer you to someone else or another business. You can also start a referral contest on social media and have giveaways to the top three performers. You can then reach them through emails or other platforms.

Speak to influencers

Influencers usually have huge numbers of followers and they can help you promote your business fast. Not all influencers would charge, so if you get someone who is willing to allow you to post for free, make use of the opening. Also, subscribe to them in return and follow them regularly. 

Post in other blogs

There are many blogs out there that will allow you to post relevant content in their blogs. By posting in their blogs, they get new content and you benefit from the traffic that they generate and links they create. Some blogs are newly established and attract thousands every month. Search and build relationships with them at the start. 

Have a LinkedIn account 

Because it is a professional platform, LinkedIn does not work like other social media accounts. On LinkedIn, you get people who are already in business or practicing in their career. LinkedIn is a good platform to post value-based articles and videos. 

Learn SEO

SEO optimisation is another good way to market your business online for free. In SEO marketing, you create consumable content and use keywords that will help people find you easily when they go online to search for products and services.

Seek partnerships

The kind of online partnerships you will be looking for is like-minded business people who are willing to help promote your products, while at the same time you promote their products. It can be challenging at the beginning, but once you establish good partnerships you can make great sales.  

Launch affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a situation whereby other people market your products and you pay them commission. The advantage of online marketing is that opportunities keep opening up all the time. If you get a hundred affiliate marketers and each sells one product in a day, you will have sold 100 items. 

Create amazing videos

Videos can be a profitable tool when utilised properly. You can have short descriptions of your products and post the videos on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, blogs, and so on. People love watching content, and if your videos are enticing and relevant, people will consume them and buy your products. 


The opportunities to market your business online for free are many as long as you learn how to optimise your profits through each. You need to put in more effort and give each platform ample time in developing content relevant to the platform. Online marketing faces stiff competition but it is possible to stand out to the top if you do not give up on your marketing strategies.