With its capacity to store the energy equivalent of 30,000 homes’ rooftop solar generation for an hour, the Hazelwood battery plays a crucial role in expanding renewable energy capacity in Australia while providing essential grid services. 

In a significant milestone for Australia’s renewable energy transition, ENGIE, along with Eku Energy and Fluence, has successfully commissioned the Hazelwood Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the site of the former Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. This groundbreaking project marks the first instance of a retired coal-fired power station in Australia being repurposed to host a battery storage system, showcasing the shift towards renewable energy technologies.

Parliament Minister Lily D’Ambrosio commended Victoria’s leadership in energy storage projects and emphasised the state’s commitment to attracting industry investments that contribute to a sustainable future. The Hazelwood site, historically significant as the heart of Victoria’s energy generation, now takes on a new role in the renewable energy landscape.

The Hazelwood BESS, a joint effort between ENGIE and Eku Energy, is an impressive 150 MW/150 MWh utility-scale battery, making it the largest privately funded battery in the country. Fluence, responsible for operations and maintenance, utilises its Gridstack product to ensure secure and reliable energy supply in Victoria, setting a precedent for future energy transition initiatives.

Rik De Buyserie, the CEO of ENGIE Australia & New Zealand, underlined the company’s dedication to constructing reliable assets that play a pivotal role in Australia’s energy transition. The location of the Hazelwood site, with its transmission access and available space, offers an ideal setting for an asset that can expand and accommodate more renewable energy sources.

renewable energy in Australia

The importance of strategic partnerships in facilitating the deployment of battery storage systems at key grid locations was highlighted by Daniel Burrows, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Asia Pacific at Eku Energy.

The Hazelwood battery is a testament to the collaborative efforts driving the transition to higher levels of renewable energy in Australia’s existing generation fleet. Storage solutions like this play a vital role in accelerating the adoption of clean energy.

Achal Sondhi, Vice President for Market Growth, APAC & General Manager for Australia at Fluence, expressed pride in their technological advancements showcased by the Hazelwood battery project.

Being the first deployment of Fluence Gridstack in Australia, this milestone highlights their cutting-edge energy storage solutions and extensive global experience. The integration of Fluence’s Mosaic™ bidding software allows the Hazelwood battery to respond swiftly and effectively to grid demands while maximising revenue and supporting the integration of more clean energy sources.


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