Offering everything from fitness classes to complementary medicine, meditation to detoxifying juices, Saigon’s Mandala Wellness provides a one-stop shop for wellness.

Mandala Wellness’ story is rooted in the deep friendship between Rosanne Lee and Huynh Buu Tran. Rosanne, the owner of a large interior design and architecture firm, and Tran, who was working at the time for a property management company, met through work 17 years ago. Having supported each other through careers, pregnancy and motherhood, and with a shared dedication to healthy living, they decided to pursue their dream, setting up their wellness centre Mandala right in the heart of Saigon’s District 2.

Saigon’s Healthy Living Centre: Mandala Wellness

Although the Vietnamese have been practitioners of natural medicine for many centuries, the concept of a wellness centre in Saigon was still fairly unheard of. “Our mission is to inspire people to make better, healthier choices, to raise consciousness about ourselves, our family, our environment, and to eat cleaner, to live better, to laugh more, and make positive changes to improve our quality of life,” explains Rosanne of their mission.

The way they deliver on that comes in various forms and via a range of services. Their range of complementary medicine offerings combining contemporary and traditional methods are extremely popular with clients, who flock to Mandala for their globally trained practitioners and experts. To name a few, treatments such as acupuncture, reiki, reflexology and sports therapy are all on offer.

Saigon’s Healthy Living Centre: Mandala Wellness

Their fitness classes tend to attract the largest numbers of people, according to Rosanne, who can sign up to everything from yoga to qigong, meditation to ballet, self-defence and more. “Through regular physical activity, awareness of how the body, mind and spirit are connected can contribute to how people can develop a better sense of ‘self’ and make deliberate choices for a healthier, balanced and fulfilling outlook on life,” Rosanne explains of their holistic approach. And lastly, on the product front, they have developed their own line of juices. Unique in the sense that they are free from water, sugar and preservatives, they are all cold-pressed and made largely with locally sourced organic produce, with detox packages, kid-friendly recipes and simple pick-me-ups all on offer. A refundable deposit scheme for all their glass bottles and recycled crates completes the feelgood circle.

At its core, Mandala’s mission is to empower people to make better choices when it comes to all aspects of their health. “At the end of the day, well-being cannot be achieved on its own, effort has to be made,” says Rosanne. “People have to make the choice and effort in order to gain something, and people who come to Mandala are wanting to make a change to their lives. So yes, we strongly believe that what we offer can help.”


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