Securonix expands its APAC presence, opening its newest office in the region in Tokyo, Japan yesterday. This follows increased regional demand for customer support, security information, and event management systems, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud businesses.

Securonix Inc. is leading next generation security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, announcing on July 11th they had opened their newest office in Tokyo, Japan, and will be providing a local Securonix Cloud pod to the region. As Securonix’s platform becomes more widely adopted by organisations globally, this further investment in the Asia Pacific region allows Securonix to improve and build support for new and existing customers in Japan. This will be the company’s third office in APAC, pre-existing locations in Singapore and India.

“With years of serving the Japanese market, we’ve seen that organizations in the region are at the forefront of cloud maturity and hybrid adoption,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix. “We’re honored to be in the position today where we can dedicate further resources to ensuring our customers’ and partners’ continued success as they implement cloud-first SIEM.”

SIEM solutions are designed to collecting “normalising” data to make it searchable, analysing it for anomalies, in events and remediate incidents to kick out attackers. Through integration of cloud computing and data security, Securonix continues to innovate in the cybersecurity industry. Their SIEM is designed for hybrid and multi-cloud organisations, and Japan is home to many companies investing in these security solutions. Securonix’s SIEM platform delivers analytics-driven detection and automated response by integrating security data lake (SDL), user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA), and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

“The Securonix platform enables our partners to build and scale solutions in a cost-effective way and couple them with the critical services required to achieve the best possible outcomes for their customers,” said Securonix representatives.

Securonix is constantly innovating in SIEM, and this recent expansion to Japan allows them to continue to drive progress for the hybrid cloud, data-driven enterprises of today. Founded on big data architecture, Securonix delivers SIEM, SDL, UEBA, SOAR, and other groundbreaking technologies as a SaaS solution. By reducing noise and prioritising high fidelity alerts and behavioural analytics technology, pioneering the UEBA category, Securonix is leading the way in providing cybersecurity solutions in APAC.


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