When it comes to e-commerce, SEO is essential for getting a leg up on your competition. These 4 SEO tools will help you get the exposure you need to improve your bottom line. 

The process of developing an e-commerce startup can be extremely complicated and in order to fully achieve your goals, you should leverage various SEO tools to help boost your company website to the first page of search engine results to improve visibility and increase website traffic.

Plenty of SEO tools appear on web platforms every day that impress peers with their functionality. However, not all of them work as you would expect. To help you distinguish the good from the bad, we’ve reviewed our top four SEO tools for e-commerce startups. 

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Backlink Analysis

SEMRush offers a helpful Backlink Analysis tool, where you can type in either your own domain to assess your current backlink growth over time or your competitors’ domains to learn from their backlink strategy. Giving you an in-depth understanding of the linking domains, their corresponding domain ratings, and where they are located, you’ll be well placed to replicate your competitors’ success.

Keyword Research

SEMRush’s keyword magic tool also allows you to collect a huge number of keywords based on the source keyword you enter. For the sake of convenience, the results are sorted and filtered by a number of indicators. In addition, the advertisement history function makes it possible to monitor the promotion of advertisements for a competitor for a given period. In the keyword difficulty settings, entering a keyword in the analysis line evaluates its complexity, volume, popularity, and SERP source.

Content and Planning Tools

Equipped with a content planning service, SEMRush is useful for tapping into Internet resources and using social listening to help you build a comprehensive content plan for SEO optimisation. It carefully processes data about search queries and strategies of competing companies.

SEMRush is also effectively used by developers to detect possible errors in HTML tags, duplicate content, broken links, and lack of meta descriptions, which can hurt your SEO score. 

Pricing Plans 

Starting at USD 99 per month, SEMRush offers a variety of membership plans for different business purposes. Initially, when you register your email address there, you get 10 SEO requests a day. There’s also a 7-day free trial, which is a great option for those looking to try the tool out first before committing to a paid plan. 

Best For: An all-in-one SEO platform that will help you optimise your website across the board


Backlink Analysis

The LinksManagement service specialises in high-quality backlinks and all related services that help to build a competitive SEO strategy. They offer a fully developed inventory of relevant backlinks. Here, you have the opportunity to set up filters of your choice, depending on what’s best suited for you and your needs. This service obtains a database with backlinks on any topic that your e-commerce startup may deal with. On top of that, they offer free tools that analyse the keywords’ quality and range. 

Content and Planning Tools

Their SEO management tools impress, thanks to their diversity and functionality. Their customer support team and in-house SEO experts will help you in content planning, ensuring that you don’t make any critical mistakes that may harm your startup. They’ll even boost your e-commerce business for several months, especially if you use their DA40-DA60 backlinks. This full control from the SEO experts will consequently launch you into the TOP positions of the search engine result pages.

Pricing Plans

As soon as you register with LinksManagement, you will get access to their free SEO tools. This includes backlink monitoring, SEO cost calculator, automatic link building scheduler, and so on. The paid plans vary by the different functions included in the price range. Plan prices start at USD 3 per month, which is attractive for e-commerce startups as it’s important to divide your budget thoughtfully, especially in the early days.

Best For: Giving your site’s backlink profile a major boost


Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are part-and-parcel of any self-respecting SEO expert’s tool kit and SpyFu does not disappoint. Providing valuable and in-depth insights into competitor SEO keywords, their keywords over time, and changes in competitor rankings and content, SpyFu will ensure that you’re well-equipped to take on any industry.

Keyword Research

SpyFu offers fantastic keyword analysis options, giving you detailed reports and graphs about your SEO progress. You’ll also be able to set up filters and goals to analyse each of your keywords. From insights on competitor SEO keywords to a Keyword Group Analysis Tool, the option to import keywords and instantly visualise their search volume and CPC data, SpyFu puts a powerful range of keyword tools at your fingertips.

PPC Tools

If you’re looking to simultaneously invest in SEO and paid advertising, SpyFu’s toolset is perfect for you. With a range of PPC analysis tools, you’ll be able to map out high potential Adwords and track your PPC ad rank. Best of all, SpyFu will give you a 360º understanding of your competitors’ advertising strategies, from their ad test histories to their core profitable keywords, helping you improve your own plan of action.

Pricing Plans

SpyFu offers 3 plans that cost between USD 39 and USD 299 per month, as well as a free 30-day trial. An excellent keyword research and competitive intelligence tool, SpyFu has been named PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice and is targeted at startup companies with lower budgets.

Best For: A cost-effective SEO and PPC solution with a heavy emphasis on competitor research


Backlink Analysis

No SEO premium tool would be complete without backlink analysis tools. Majestic offers customers a comprehensive backlink database, giving a thorough overview of any site you search up, from top backlinks to trust ratings. Their new Link Context tool offers additional information, such as the backlink’s surrounding content, whether it’s an editorial link, and the estimated page position – all to help you evaluate the value of a backlink on a specific site. Plus, you can even check whether there are mutual links between two websites, opening up opportunities for you to reach out and establish more backlinks of your own.

Keyword Research

Majestic uses AI-based natural language processing software to power their Keyword Generator for next-gen insights, helping you craft a strong content plan. Enter up to four sites at a time to view a diverse set of keywords, each with search volume, keyword difficulty, and lookup frequency metrics.

Content and Planning Tools

Planning content with Majestic offers a great option of turning data into forecasts. Majestic creates an Internet map to provide you with the Link Intelligence reference data you would need to dominate the market. This is a great tool for creating a thoughtful content plan for your e-commerce startup. With a user-friendly interface, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to integrate high-level data from one of the most established brands in this field into your SEO strategy.

Pricing Plans

Although several free tools come with Majestic, a 7-day cash back guarantee is the most attractive price benefit. Majestic’s prices start at USD 78 per month. This tool has three main membership plans and each of them offers a variety of benefits. For instance, the mid-priced Gold plan provides a 25 million backlinks database and more than 300 detailed reports. 

Best For: Agencies looking to leverage Majestic’s API to create time-saving SEO management apps


Which SEO Tool is the Best for E-Commerce Startups?

It’s always difficult to choose the most effective tool, especially when they offer SEO managing functions that are quite different. When making a choice, you need to concentrate on requirements and preferences that are the best for your startup. To begin with, you need to pin down what specific features of SEO promotion would reap the most benefits for your e-commerce startup. Each of these four top SEO tools are great for improving and developing different SEO features. 


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