The Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance announces its latest partnership with Enterprise Singapore, launching a nine-month venture building scheme under the government body’s Startup SG Accelerator programme.

Accelerating sustainability-focused technological innovation within the nation and beyond, the Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance (SDTA) has formed a new partnership with government agency, Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG), to launch a nine month venture building programme. Operating under the EnterpriseSG’s Startup SG Accelerator Programme, the initiative anticipates revving the local business scene, while promoting the growth of sustainability-centric companies in the region.

EnterpriseSG will recruit experienced individuals and sustainability entrepreneurs for the programme, to help and enable them to build positive impact companies in Singapore. It will further assist entrepreneurs by introducing them to DeepTech, and the three pivotal market phases of incorporating technology to develop and scale their concepts.

The phases are constructed based on key deliverables, including technology application research, product development, market research, team development, as well as partnership acquisition.

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The programme hopes to empower sustainability entrepreneurs and advocates by laying the essential groundwork for venture building, in addition to bringing advanced technological solutions to the forefront of sustainable innovation.

Assembled on the Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance’s founders’ vision to build, support, and scale Industry 4.0 startups committed to mitigating the harsh environmental impact of businesses,  the initiative aspires to drive world-class tech innovation, investment in the sector, and growth of such future partnerships and prospects. It comes with a promising maturing scope for companies looking to accredit their solutions and technologies, offering them an opportunity to match with potential clients.

Besides learning about new tech development and important market insights, participating startups get the opportunity to be mentored by industry specialists including Intel, Temasek, Allnex, Siemens Healthineers, Dentsu International, along with other big names.

Moreover, the emerging enterprises will get to observe and closely work with the SDTA’s partners & existing connections such as Lenovo, Micron, Omron, and Panasonic.

Tan Boon Kim, the Executive Director (Startup and Innovation) of EnterpriseSG, said, “Venture builders bring immense value to Singapore’s startup ecosystem because of their ability to attract investors and talent to solve market problems at an accelerated rate.”

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