There is an urgent need to develop social responsibility within our community. Start your year right by making an impact through your enterprise with these social justice causes and charities.

Social justice awareness and movements have gained greater momentum over the years alongside growing speculation and wider coverage of human rights, freedom of expression, equity and equality, education, food sovereignty, climate change, along with other issues

People around the world are advocating change, while pushing governments and organisations to take immediate action. Viral internet movements such as #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, and #PeopleNotProfit are just a few examples of the global population’s protest against social injustices, however, there is still much work to be done.  

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While Asian nations have made great strides in facilitating conversations on social injustices, the movement still has a large ground to cover. From racial equality, to women’s rights, to LGBTQ+ and other grassroots movements, many charitable organisations have risen in Asia to address inequality.  

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional at a large corporation, or an emerging startup looking to support a benevolent cause and build Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), explore the different ways you can get involved with local social justice causes with these impact-driven charities and initiatives across the Asia Pacific region. 

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Crossroads Foundation 

Hong Kong-based nonprofit, the Crossroads Foundation, was founded with a mission to tackle social emergencies and ease global suffering through its various impactful initiatives. Crossroads operates as an intersection for those in need by connecting them with necessary aid groups and volunteers. The nonprofit has supported many diverse social causes, from providing for climate refugees, to donating amenities to underprivileged nations, while building income-generating partnerships for those living in poverty. 

Corporations, and other social organisations can get involved with these causes through their many programmes and offerings. Businesses looking to expand their CSR efforts can participate in Crossroads’ Global X-perience stimulation, along with partnering with their Global Hand service to advocate, explore business opportunities, and fund underserved communities. 

Crossroads Foundation


Zero Waste SG

What started as an online advocacy platform for waste reduction has grown to become one of Singapore’s leading nonprofit organisations building a zero-waste community. Since its launch, Zero Waste SG actively tackles increasing waste production through education on management, conservation efforts, and advocating sustainable and minimalist living. 

Zero Waste has initiated a household recycling and organisation waste initiative to create an impact on a larger scale. To further raise awareness, the nonprofit has held over 200 workshops with various schools and companies across Singapore, as well as introduced an Office Waste Audit to offer businesses insight into their carbon footprint. 

Zero Waste SG


Manushya Foundation

The Manushya Foundation was established in 2017 by Emilie Palamy Pradichit, an international human rights lawyer advocating equality and inclusion. This Thailand-based charity is fighting to bring power to the unheard, and often overlooked voices in our society. The organisation has led important work in women and grassroots communities’ empowerment, building corporate social responsibility in the business world, along with other human rights issues. 

Companies can strengthen their CSR commitments by partaking in their capacity development programme which empowers Human Resources Departments to work in correlation with the UN’s human rights reforms. In addition, organisations can join volunteer-based charity drives and donate to Manushya’s different ongoing campaigns. 

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In 2022, Vietnam’s youth unemployment rate rose to 7.6%, the country’s highest since 2011. Vietnam’s labour market has presented great uncertainty for the younger population, and lack of access to resources and proper training is the root cause. 

Opening new pathways for youths in Vietnam, Reach is a local nonprofit organisation hoping to boost employment rates in the region. The organisation has taken the initiative to drive skill-based training opportunities for disadvantaged groups. 

Businesses who are passionate about diminishing social barriers, and are looking to build more skill-based job opportunities for youths, can connect with the nonprofit organisation to aid their cause through fundraising and supporting their vocational training efforts. 




Human trafficking and modern slavery are tragic crimes against humanity that have affected over 49.6 million victims, as of 2021. Tokyo-based nonprofit, Lighthouse, is one of few charitable causes committed to fighting against human trafficking and forced slavery. Spotlighting human rights issues in Japan, the NGO is driven to eliminate such acts of violation against children, and all victims. Lighthouse has implemented a wide range of initiatives together with various government organisations to ensure victims receive the right care and genuine support from official figures, until justice is served. 

Companies can support Lighthouse by raising awareness and funds for their initiative, and can further connect with the nonprofit to host corporate workshops and events to educate staff on their important work. 

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Awakening Foundation

Taiwan’s democratic movement evoked a revolutionary change in society, inspiring the rise of the Awakening Foundation. The organisation saw its initial dawn as a social movement to empower women to lead in their communities, as well as within their personal households. Awakening has since pivoted to cover a wider scope of social issues, establishing itself as a nonpartisan, and legal and legislative advocacy charity for gender equality and women’s liberation. The organisation has made a significant impact in dismantling the patriarchy, and oppressive norms through effective education, judicial reform, and other grassroots initiatives. 

Corporations can choose to make continuous donations to the charity, book a visit to their facility, and engage their team with women’s leadership and political initiatives.   

Social Justice Causes 2023_Awakening Foundation


The Sacred Heart Mission

The Sacred Heart Mission envisions driving a greater sense of social responsibility for people in Melbourne by facilitating the inclusion of the poverty-stricken population in the neighbourhood, and by working to eradicate stigma and marginalisation. The NGO has launched various efforts to assist the underprivileged to access their basic rights- food, shelter, and social inclusion, among others. Sacred Heart’s services include running daily meal programmes, housing and tenancy support, alongside health and wellbeing initiatives. 

Get involved with Sacred Heart Mission’s impact-driven endeavours by joining their regular volunteer programme, participating in their workplace giving initiative for recurring donations, and other services. 

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