Australia has a unique sports industry with great commercial value and popular engagement. If you are interested in promoting your business or product through sports in the region, read on for the top Australian sports marketing firms.

Being a culturally-diverse country due to its history and geographical location, Australia and its sporting industry attract global sports fans in many ways. For example, Australia plays cricket and considers it its national sport, but also has its own professional baseball league, which is very uncommon to see in countries that play the British bat-and-ball game. Also, while the most popular spectator sport in the country is Australian football, Australia excels in international football as well – winning the 2015 Asian Cup after beating the traditional powerhouse in the region, South Korea. 

Cricket_Australian sports marketing firms

The popularity of sports and Australian success in international competitions reflect the market size of the country’s sports industry, which reached US$12 billion in 2020. Moreover, a KPMG analytic report marked the economic significance of the sector and its growth opportunities with the potential of contributing to the Australian GDP by an additional US$4.14 billion and producing 17,900 more jobs.

Such financial valuation of the Australian sports industry suggests the vital role of sports marketing agencies in the region that could commercialise and expand the market through appropriate sponsorship arrangements and event management. Read on for the top Australian sports marketing firms.

Top Sports Marketing Firms in Australia

TLA Worldwide

Owned by Australian outdoor media company QMS, TLA Worldwide (TLA) is a leading sports marketing firm in the country that specialises in event management, partnership arrangements, digital advertising, branding, and merchandising. With exceptional expertise in media technology, TLA maximises the effect of their marketing strategies for clients through various digital channels and platforms.

TLA has been working with the Australian Football League (AFL), the country’s largest professional sports league in terms of revenue and spectators, for over 20 years. One of the agency’s major projects was organising the AFL Grand Final live site for all fans to celebrate the season through entertainment and food in 2019. The company was responsible for managing 20 partner activations, over 130 talent appearances, 40 performers, 19 food vendors and 30 operational suppliers during the event. 

AFL_Australia’s Tops Sports Marketing Firms

Australian Football League (AFL)


Being a multinational marketing company that operates closely with the sports and entertainment industry, Gemba differentiates itself from competitors through extensive contextual market research. The company’s Data & Analytics Division helps their clients attain optimal results through data-driven strategies.

Gemba has worked with Cricket Australia to expand the professional sports association owned by the client, the Big Bash League (BBL). After thorough research and data evaluation, the League and its franchises were able to increase their sponsorship returns and promote reinvestment processes.

Big Bash League_The Top Australian Sports Marketing Firms

Big Bash League (BBL)

THM Sport

THM Sport (THM) is a communications agency that has developed marketing strategies and PR campaigns for major sporting events and organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The firm’s area of operation is not only limited to the regions, as it has worked at a global level as well, cooperating with the National Basketball Association (NBA), Liverpool FC, LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

The sports marketing agency has provided management consultancy services to the Australian Kangaroos, the National Rugby League (NRL) team, since 2017. THM also provided marketing and communications strategy for the 2018 X Games event held in Sydney, which involved 52,000 fans and ESPN broadcasting.

Australian Kangaroos_The Top Australian Sports Marketing Firms

Australian Kangaroos

Jump Media & Marketing

Jump Media & Marketing (Jump) is a leading sports entertainment agency that specialises in event management, partnership arrangements, and PR consultancy. The company provides services to organisations of all sizes across the Australian sports industry, including international and national sporting associations, government agencies, sponsors, and broadcasters.

Jump takes pride in their involvement with the 2015 AFC Asian Cup, where the agency managed press engagements and news service. David Culbert, the director of Jump, was responsible for working with 1,640 media teams from 52 nations throughout the entire event under the title, the tournament’s Head of Media Operations.

Asian Cup 2015_The Top Australian Sports Marketing Firms

2015 AFC Asian Cup


Founded in 2014, Dynamic guarantees their expertise in corporate hospitality, event management, client engagement, and incentive programmes in the Australian sports industry. 

Headquartered in Brisbane, the agency currently works with major sporting organisations in the country, including the AFL, NRL, Brisbane Racing Club, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Melbourne Football Club, and Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan. Of all, Dynamic’s involvement in providing corporate hospitality program solutions for the WBO welterweight championship between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn indeed seems intriguing.

Melbourne Football Club_The Top Australian Sports Marketing Firms

Melbourne Football Club


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