Singapore-based jewellery designer-turned-interior-stylist Priscilla Tan, the woman behind Styledbypt, gives us a glimpse into how she transforms ordinary homes into timeless living spaces that reflect their owners’ personalities.

A passing look at Priscilla Tan’s Instagram account Styledbypt quickly demonstrates why she’s an up-and-comer in the local design scene. This creative’s MO lies in revamping ordinary residences and businesses into places that are Insta-worthy. From solid coloured walls to wooden textured cabinets and glossy, geometric-shaped floor tiles, each space is tastefully done up to look much like those Airbnb apartments you’ve dreamed of owning.


Originally trained in fashion design, Priscilla stumbled into her career in interior design when, upon styling her own flat, friends approached her to do the same for theirs. She soon moved on to work on commercial spaces like cafes, jewellery shops and retail spaces, quitting her job in 2018 to dive into this profession full time. “Being new in this industry meant learning from scratch, but I took it on the chin and learnt to tackle the problems with a positive mindset,” she says.


While interior designers work alongside contractors to help their clients with home layouts, space planning and other renovation works, interior stylists see themselves as decorators instead. Their particular skill set includes creating themes for the home, adding the final touches and ensuring that every home tells its own story. “We inject personality and warmth by helping with colours and wallpaper choices, furniture placement and decor picks ranging from rugs, throw cushions to even flowers and scents used in each space,” Priscilla explains. In order to have more control over the desired aesthetics, she doubles up as an interior designer, liaising with contractors and managing the overall project. In her capable hands, clients have fewer middlemen and no stress to deal with.


Projects take anywhere from three to six months to complete, depending on space, size and the extent of work involved. And while social media is a means for Priscilla to showcase her work with Styledbypt, it’s often also her source of inspiration. “I comb through Pinterest and Instagram feeds three to four times a day, spending a total of one to three hours looking at shots of interiors and spaces, and soaking in new ideas,” she shares. Ultimately, however, practicality triumphs aesthetics, as “having the client’s immediate needs sorted lets us explore what we want and how to make it gorgeous.” Marie Kondo would approve.


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