Eco-consciousness in fashion has become widespread across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, spurred by the ongoing pandemic and growing consumer awareness. Celebrate Earth Month and explore the essential sustainable fashion and lifestyle labels leading the way in APAC’s path towards slow and mindful living. 

As businesses and industries navigate a post-pandemic world, sustainability has become an emerging market in Asia. The ever-changing dynamics that have now become the norm have made consumers more conscious and aware of individual spending power and purchasing behaviours. A recent report by GlobeScan noted, “APAC consumers spend a larger fraction of their disposable incomes on brands and products committing to be socially and environmentally responsible”. 

However, current practices of the fast-fashion industry have left an immense strain on the environment, with overflowing landfills and outrageous greenhouse gas emissions. The post-production stages heavily rely on unsustainable plastic fabrics, vast water consumption, and inhumane factory conditions for sweatshop workers. Evidently, the fast-fashion supply chain needs to be held accountable for its unsustainable operations and for promoting unhealthy consumption. At the same time, the integration of sustainable and mindful practices into our livelihoods has become imperative.

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An increasing desire for timelessness and sustainability in our everyday products and services has driven a new wave of innovation for rising fashion and designer labels revamping their business models and constructing transparent frameworks.

As advocates for slower and eco-conscious methods, these labels have taken it upon themselves to reform the retail landscape, promoting transparency and accountability. Here are the rising sustainable fashion labels in APAC to introduce you to a more stylish and circular lifestyle. 

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SoL accentuates the functionality and sustainability of sleepwear for homebodies and modern-day conscious consumers through mindful designs derived from their SelfWear™. The Hong Kong-based loungewear brand was launched with a Kickstarter campaign in 2020. Entrepreneur, founder of SoL, and homebody herself, Lois Tien, explores the concept between comfort wear and immaculate style, venturing into uncharted territory by creating her sustainable loungewear label. 

Repurposing and reprioritising wellness and self-sustainability, the minimalist collection is designed to cater to the body, mind, and soul. Made with regenerative viscose fibres, 100% LENZING™ ECOVERO™, each piece is luxuriously soft, ultra-comfortable, as well as eco-friendly. The essentials embrace a nature-inspired colour scheme that aligns with their purpose and perception of nature and tranquillity. Sustainability and self-care is a key pillar of the brand, which extends its initiatives through a partnership with CanopyStyle, working to curate innovative solutions for eco-responsible supply chains.

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Whispers & Anarchy

Inspired by Spanish heritage, Whispers & Anarchy is an up-and-coming brand in the slow fashion industry. Based in Singapore, the fashion label offers more than just modern silhouettes and premium fabrics, prioritising ethics and community efforts in its practices. The brand’s first collection captures the essence of the founders’ roots fused with Southeast Asian culture. The beautiful textures and ethereal hues used create effortlessly transitional pieces. 

Each and every piece designed upholds the Bohemian-chic fashion label’s commitment to fair trade and quality. Handmade in a family-run craft workshop in Bali, showcasing the finest traditional craftsmanship, fabrics and trims are also sourced locally, employing natural fibres and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)-certified sources.

While on its path to sustainability, Whispers & Anarchy has advocated against the exploitation of women workers in the fashion industry and has begun local empowerment initiatives. Made sustainably by an all-women force, the label sets an example for the slow fashion movement.



Singapore-based Stain is an eco-conscious fashion brand that embraces a sustainable blueprint for revitalising textiles in its production process. Founders Pooja Bhansali and Monica Tarunadjaja harmonise the brand’s values through product ingenuity and strengthening its sustainable endeavours. 

Awareness alone is simply not sustainable and the brand is committed to working closely with local artisans and suppliers in Asia through a shared vision and responsibility. Additionally, it preserves and introduces traditional and sustainable manufacturing techniques, such as woodblock printing, and incorporates eco-friendly textiles, such as handwoven silks and cotton



High-end Vietnamese fashion label Metiseko‘s in-house production creates unique textile designs and minimalist aesthetics. All-natural and locally produced, Metiseko’s fabrics accentuate its sustainable flow, while elevating the simplicity and aesthetics of their designs. 

Metiseko incorporates elements of Vietnamese culture in their collection by playing with colours, prints, and motifs, drawing inspiration from the natural environment. The majority of their textiles are 100% mulberry silk, dyed and hand-printed by local artisans, or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton, sourced from India.



SISTER is an ethical womenswear label made and designed in Melbourne with sustainability at its heart. Showcasing dreamy aesthetics and modern staples developed for a timeless wardrobe, all pieces are manufactured at a local corner family-run workshop. 

The sustainable label stays on top of its ethos as they work closely with designers and seamstresses. SISTER also supports local artists and businesses in the community with the majority of their production happening locally, allowing the brand to retrace and reduce its carbon footprint

Most used clothes end up in landfills, without ever truly living up to their purpose. The fashion studio believes in the revival of dead-stock fabrics, this practice allowing them to significantly minimise waste and repurpose materials into functional wear. Featuring flattering silhouettes, young cuts, and immaculate flair in their fashion essentials, SISTER is made for those seeking a breath of fresh air.

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Orejas. is an eco-conscious startup working against fast fashion. The Singapore-based apparel brand curates wardrobe essentials for long-lasting, comfortable wear with modestly low environmental impact. The fashion label firmly believes in prioritising natural and biodegradable fibres in its production process, using sustainable materials such as hemp and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Orejas. also embraces recyclable and compostable packaging alternatives, certified by OK Compost Home. The label’s versatile and low-impact wardrobe empowers customers to take a step towards sustainable living with confidence and style. 

Navigating its path towards becoming an eco-fashion brand, founder ​​Wenjia Wang, an environmental engineer and earth lover, predicts the road to sustainability is inevitably long, but promising.



From a minimalist-chic design approach to their eco-driven philosophy, Hong Kong-based SORA is redefining home textiles with sustainability and authenticity as its core. Established by two friends, each art print portrays the brand’s unique collaborations with emerging women designers and artists from around the globe. Modernity and abstraction being major inspirations behind their craft, SORA’s capsule collections showcase some of the most gorgeous and exclusive works of these talents, not only representing the creative community but also driving innovative sustainable production practices.  

Made of up to 85% of recycled materials from post-consumer plastics to functional fabrics certified by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), SORA’s eco-friendly towels have truly adopted a sustainable strategy in their product development. And they deliver- with an absorbent, lightweight, and travel-friendly design, they are perfect to pack carry for a beach day out or an invigorating yoga session. 


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