Feeling burnt out from the pressures of working in a busy city? Learn about the healthy work-life balance with The Busy Woman Project. The Busy Woman Project.

With an appetite for a healthy lifestyle, four individuals with overflowing innovative ideas grew an online community ready to reenergize you from the pressures of a busy life.

TBWP is serving busy women who are keen to find the right community that can walk alongside them on their fitness journey. This online platform brings you curated fitness workshops and wellness-minded restaurants. Four key people, the vigour of this community, brings us stories of how they initiated.

1. Can you summarise and explain in your own words what The Busy Woman Project is?

We are Asia’s Community for busy Women to live, feel and be better. We do this by making healthy living easy, efficient and sustainable for busy women. We also place an emphasis on supporting for women brands in Asia, encouraging our community to do their part for women and consume with purpose.

We want to create a safe space to make connections and be supported – where people can easily share their thoughts on their health, social and business lives, thereby creating more time to take action. More importantly, to have the ability & health to be Busy!

2. Can you tell us a little about your background?

There are four of us. We’re based in Singapore — Jas is an ex-banker, Berns runs a family business in medical supplies & rehab equipment, Che is a flight attendant and Jus is a tech entrepreneur. We also have amazing Community Ambassadors across Asia.

We completed college in our home countries – however, most of the team have spent some time abroad. Seeing the strong, supportive women-led health, fitness & wellness communities in the west in places such as London, Australia, USA further inspired us to build the community for fellow ladies to live better.

3. When did you launch? What made you want to start the project in Asia?

In October 2016, we started The Busy Woman Project community.

We started in October 2016 and we knew it would not be easy. Women take on multiple personal & professional roles in our society – entrepreneur, student, wife, caretaker, and the list goes on. Particularly in Asia, Women are subjected to many ‘cookie-cutter’ moulds – our body shapes, the roles we “should” play, the ways we “should” act, and the list goes on.

We have also encountered many ‘SuperWoman’ who dedicate their time to everything else, but themselves. This results in burnout or other stress-induced illnesses such as depression.

Despite knowing that our health is of utmost priority, we often place our career goals and others before ourselves. It is easy to miss that workout and dismiss it off with a simple “no time” should the people around us not prioritise their health too.

4. What have your experiences been with the community so far? What are your struggles so far and how have you overcome this?

It’s been amazing and humbling. We are very thankful and blessed to have met so many awesome ladies over the past few months.
Whether it is Singapore or Hong Kong, there are so many individuals who are keen to do their parts to make a difference – to empower a fellow Woman, such as celebrating another Women’s achievements or supporting another’s endeavours.

5. Why do you think it’s important to rest and recharge?

A simple question to ask ourselves is: how can you actively pursue your goals, indulge in your passions and love & care for others if you do not love yourself first and have a healthy mind & body?

All of us have different ways of relaxing. Regardless, we believe it’s imperative to discover how you can unplug when triggered, even if it’s something small.

7. With so much fitness apps and communities out there, would you say they are your competitors?

Not at all- in fact, we’ve collaborated with a number of these communities in various cities across Asia like GuavaPass in both Bangkok and Hong Kong. Although there is a rising number of individuals who are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining one’s health, there is still so much more to be done.

Most of the fitness groups take on a different angle in reaching out to the wider population and we are thankful there are multiple communities to help spread the word!

8. What are your future plans?

Our focus is on providing the tools & experiences to make healthy living easy for the Busy. We continue to provide sweat working experiences for Busy Women to create meaningful friendships with like-minded people & stay healthy at the same time.

We have also soft-launched a platform – Broc & Bells (short for Broccoli & Dumbbells) – to discover curated Boutique Fitness gyms, Healthy Eats cafes & Wellness experiences ‘near me’ easily.

www.thebusywomanproject.com brocnbells.com


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