Do you fancy a classic slick-back or a hot-towel shave? Whichever way you cut it, Singapore’s cult barbershop The Golden Rule Barber Co will give your mane the attention it deserves.

With three outlets to its name and a fourth set to open later this month, The Golden Rule Barber Co has transformed itself from a simple barbershop into a niche, cultural icon visited by locals and celebrities alike.

Established in 2014, The Golden Rule Barber Company came to be when founder Aryan Siswanto Kamsani aka Yanto, armed with 12 years of experience in the barbering industry, decided to set up his own shop in the heart of bustling Race Course Road in Singapore – but we’re not talking just any old barbershop. Together with co-founder Mohd Jay Anudin and fellow barber Mohd Fauzee, he marked their venture out as a hip spot from the get go, decking it out with a vintage design vibe and rockabilly twist complete with guitars on the walls and cult band imagery.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread and appointment slots to be fully booked, and soon one Barbershop became three as Yanto expanded with outlets in the same district, citing its central location as the perfect spot for drawing gentlemen through their doors to sample their traditional take on the art of cutting hair in the coolest of environments.

It’s not hard to see the appeal. Decked out with old, Chesterfield sofas, comfortable, traditional barbershop chairs and vintage lights, the salons have a wonderfully old-school vibe about them, while still tapping into today’s penchant for all things music-inspired when it comes to grooming trends. And, in just in the same way that barbering and old-school subcultures like rockabilly music enjoy a symbiotic relationship, so The Golden Rule brings the two together as well. “Besides a professional cut, customers can enjoy good music and great vibes here,” says Yanto, who often sees visits to his salon turn into as much of a social occasion as they are a grooming essential.

This air of cool, plus plenty of professionalism, has garnered The Golden Rule a golden reputation – not for nothing did they get called on by the Argentinian football team to cut their hair when they were in town. “We also gave world’s ranked tennis player, Nick Kyrgios and Jermaine Pennant, former Liverpool football player a haircut during their short visit to Singapore,” says Yanto, proudly. But, beyond the glitz and glamour, he also makes it clear that the life of a barber is one that’s rooted in hard work, long hours and a constant eye on the details. “Barbering is a tough job where a high of level attention is required,” he says. “However, you get to meet a lot of people and it makes you happy when customers walk out of your shop satisfied.” Given their popularity and quick expansion, there’s clearly no shortage of satisfied customers walking out of his supercool salons.

Address: 66A Race Course Road, Level 2, Singapore

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