How much do you #OwnYourBody? Designer Jasmine Smith of Raven + Rose Lingerie discusses her collaboration with Sever Mican.


Designer Jasmine Smith of Raven + Rose collaborates with Photographer Sever Mican for the #OwnYourBody project, which aims to represent females as “sexual beings in their own right.”

The project was put together to embrace an attitude that Raven + Rose strongly believe in – that a woman should own her body, confidence, attitude, and sexuality. We learn that Jasmine doesn’t work with traditional models or body shapes. She believes that her lingerie was designed to suit more than just one body shape, and says, “confidence is the sexiest thing.” She adores females who exude bodily confidence without having to succumb to a mainstream idea of beauty, or to the expectation of males.


Her attitude to non-padded, non-wired bras and a belief that we should not shape or mold what we have to make ourselves perfect is both refreshing and inspiring.

Working with 8 models with different body shapes, strong personas and confidence in their sexuality, the collaboration focuses on how to capture the female, her sensuality, and how to present her in a way that isn’t overtly sexy. This is an alternative way of presenting females in lingerie as sexual, confident beings, devoid of the male gaze.


Having worked with Sever on several projects before, there was no doubt about which photographer to use. Jasmine praises Sever’s skills behind the camera, as well as his understanding of her ethos and his ability to draw out the required essence from a female and capture it on camera.

Jasmine leaves us with her words of wisdom, “when girls have self-awareness, there is so much added to their edge, regardless of their size and body.”


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