Bert Grobben discusses the two kinds of people; those who do, and those who don’t.

There is no gray scale, because if you only did it halfway, you still did not. There is no other time of year when this difference is so stark than right after Christmas and especially New Year. The gym is loaded with new faces I won’t see again in 2 weeks time, the grocery shop is packed with people I will see again on the other side of the glass in some fast food joint, and at work, people start with a clean slate, that will still be clean down the line. So many words and hashtags are wasted on intentions that were never meant to see the day of light.


The reality is, that if you need to mark the date in a calendar as a reminder of when to reinvent yourself or count the number of cheat days you have left, you have already shown me that you don’t cut it. Now is as good as ever to start. Those that do not, are so full of it, so in love with the buzz of a resolution, so hung up with shouting it out over their networks, that they totally lost touch with the hard work it takes to really make things happen. You’ll see then running for the door at the first sign of effort or hardship.

I love people who get a head start, who go for secret training, who are hungry and do their homework way before an outcome was anticipated. What is really meant to be, itches. It makes you restless. It causes sleepless nights.

Passion drives real resolve. Resolve drives action. Consistent action leads to a lifestyle. And a lifestyle leads to a world of possibilities and achievements.

So if you’re not living it, who are you then?

So, decide for yourself. Are you a #healthyliving or have you started already? Time waits for no one. Results and progress will speak for themselves.

From now onwards, I am writing about my journey. A few years ago, Kash called my bullshit, he called me out! He saw the inevitable in me. There is no escaping the flame when your passion burns bright. It’s been smouldering for years, and for a long time I have been using the hashtag that represents everything my journey stands for. Kash kept calling, kept calling me out. Out of the limelight. Out of the dark of night where entrepreneurs and athletes do their magic, and into the light of day.


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