Virtual Internships, a Vietnam-based EdTech firm, announces its recent procurement of US$14.3 million in a Series A funding round backed primarily by Hambro Perks.

Global EdTech firm based in Vietnam and the United Kingdom, Virtual Internships, was co-founded by Daniel Nivern and Ed Holroyd Pearce in 2018 with an aim to provide international work-experience programmes via their virtually-enable platform. In its recent Series A funding round, the EdTech company raised US$14.3 million, led by Hambro Perks, with participation from Sequoia India, Southeast Asia’s Surge, as well as STIC Investments.

The capital procured will be utilised in backing expansion plans to further scale up their virtual internship platform, addressing the growing demand and need for remote work and education opportunities within the global business ecosystem. The fundraising observed investments from three continents, adhering to the firms’ mission to enable more exciting opportunities and partnerships with remarkable companies, while making their virtual internships available and easily accessible globally.

Virtual Internships currently delivers flexible and accessible remote internship programmes across various industries, in partnership with many innovative companies across 110+ countries. It has built a wide scope of learning and intern opportunities for over 250 million students worldwide. Their EdTech space facilities fast and meaningful matches for students and companies, while guaranteeing remote internship placement for each and every student within a month.

Virtual Internships_Vietnamese EdTech Firm

In 2021, Virtual Internships was among the selected 23 early-stage startups for the 5th cohort of Surge, Sequoia Capital India’s accelerator programme.

The Co-founder & CEO of Virtual Internships, Daniel Nivern, stated his vision for the company- “to bridge the gap between education and the workforce by making global remote work experience accessible to all in a digital and borderless world.”

Besides enabling easy access to digital internships for students internationally, the platform also provides training and up-skilling programmes for them prior to and during the work experiences. The firm aims to democratise the global workforce to empower young individuals in growing their potentials and scope to seek global career success, beyond the geographical limitations, working together with universities, governments, international corporations, and and other foundations worldwide.

The global EdTech market is one of the most promising sectors, and is expected to reach over US$319.7 billion by 2029.

The Managing Director of Hambro Perks, Nicholas Sharp, added, “Virtual Internships is addressing the needs of a more digital working world and providing opportunities for young people from all backgrounds to be part of the globalised economy. The global network that the team is creating through the platform –with customers, teams, and investors worldwide– is unique and exciting, and we are delighted to be supporting them through their next stage of growth.”

Virtual Internships_Vietnamese EdTech Firm


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