Are you looking for the perfect getaway to recenter yourself and heal your body, mind, and soul? Discover your inner tranquillity and truest self in an incredible weekend escape to the most happening retreats near Bangkok. Inhale, exhale, and continue reading as Hive Life guides you through some of the most rejuvenating wellness retreats in Thailand.

As it continues to ease Covid-19 restrictions, Thailand is opening its expansive health and wellness spaces to fully vaccinated travellers and locals alike. With summer just around the corner, a serene mindful retreat is the best cure for your post-pandemic slump. Take this golden opportunity to plan a relaxing getaway and enjoy some of the country’s world-class retreats and treatments that will rejuvenate your body and mind. 

Hive Life has gathered some of the renowned wellness retreats and programmes in Thailand that embrace local traditions and remedies in their practices. Embark on a most extraordinary and invigorating experience this summer that will cater to your mind, revive your body, and heal your soul! 

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Rooftop Sunset Yoga 

The much-anticipated Rooftop Sunset Yoga is back at the Hive Thonglor, this time with an even more invigorating and opening yoga experience. Hosted on the Hive’s gorgeous rooftop, the space is the perfect retreat in the heart of the city to catch a break and explore your body and self. Join their in-house yoga teacher Mook, who will guide you through vinyasa flow, leg and core work, and how to energise your physical movements through breathwork. 

Connect with yourself through free-flowing expression and find your balance as you embark on this fruitful wellness journey! 

Date: 25 May; 8, 22 June; 6, 20 July

Location: the Hive Thonglor Rooftop, Level 7

Price: ฿300 Non-members, ฿250 the Hive Members


Wellness Retreats in Thailand_thehivebangkok


Exhilarating Yoga Retreat 

Meditate and mingle with your local zen community in a 3-day Exhilarating Yoga Retreat in downtown Bangkok at the Embrace Energy Yoga studio! The wellness programme is designed to accommodate both advanced and beginner practitioners, cultivating a healthy approach to living in the city. During the wellness retreat, get introduced to the yoga asanas, their benefits, and different postures. Take a well-deserved break and pamper yourself with a spa and massage after an immersive session on self-development and inner growth. 

This is bound to be a memorable experience that will empower you to return to your fast-paced life with high spirits and restored energies. 

Date: Every Fri-Sun weekly (click here for more dates)

Location: 942/9 Rama 4 Road, Surawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Price: ฿10,365

Wellness Retreats in Thailand_Exhilarating Yoga Retreat

Sunday Sadhana LIVE

If you prefer a quiet and serene environment while meditating or doing yoga, Kundalini Yoga might be for you! Focusing on the tantra (energy) that lies within the body, Kundalini yoga incorporates more energetic posture sets and longer meditations than normal yoga exercises. 

Sunday Sadhana LIVE hosts a Kundalini Yoga workshop on a weekly basis at The Earthling Cafe in Bangkok. The meditative process mediates the individual’s physical posture, breathing techniques, and self-connection, enabling them to reach a deeper state of relaxation. 

Attain optimal performance and a rehabilitated sense of fulfilment for the rest of your week in these early morning sessions with the sadhana guru. 

Date: Every Sunday until 26 June

Location: The Earthling Cafe, 126/33 Parkland Avenue, Bangkok, Thailand

Price: Free

Wellness Retreats in Thailand_Sunday Sadhana LIVE

RECONNECT ⊹ Awaken Your Elemental Nature

Get in touch with your essences in a 2-day journey where you will reconnect with your mind, body, and soul. The Reconnect ⊹ Awaken Your Elemental Nature rejuvenating retreat hosted at The Harmony Resort will explore powerful practices that will help you recharge and transform your city instincts. The experienced wellness coaches will introduce mindfulness practices such as rebirthing breathwork, kirtan singing, share circles, walking meditation, and much more, amidst tranquil surroundings. 

Take a trip away from bustling Bangkok that is only a 2-hour drive straight to this beautiful countryside resort. 

Date: 4–5 June

Location: HCM2+6FP, Pa Wai, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi, Thailand 70180

Price: ฿6,500 – ฿10,000

Wellness Retreats in Thailand_RECONNECT ⊹ Awaken


Bangkok Escape: Koh Samui 

Master the art of control over your mind and spirit, in a holistic wellness experience guided by local yoga instructor Federica Lena, life coach Victoria Sardain, as well as a free-spirited meditation and energy healing with Anna Dyatchina. Bangkok Escape: Koh Samui is organised by Victoria Sardain Coaching & Consultancy, Anna and Federica, and encourages participants to escape their mundane city lives and ​​awaken the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s self. 

Take a short break for a weekend retreat among the serenity and calm. Accommodation, meals, yoga sessions, and wellness workshops are all included in the 3-day stay package. Airport transfers from and to the picturesque Koh Samui Island will also be provided. 

Date: 2–5 June

Location: Koh Samui Surat Thani, Thailand 84140

Price: ฿17,999 – ฿26,999

Wellness Retreats in Thailand_Bangkok Escape: Koh Samui

BLOK x NECTAR Thailand Retreat

For city-dwelling yoga lovers, the BLOK x NECTAR Thailand Retreat is a perfect wellness getaway. Filled with sunshine and stretches, this much-needed soulcation will revive your energies! Nectar, well known for their world-class yoga retreats, is collaborating with ​​Sammy Bowmer, a yogi and the founder of Australia-based Blok Yoga, together with their in-house yogi Rebecca Ratcliff. Experience total rejuvenation with their high-intensity yoga, vinyasa practice, and restorative sessions.

Venture out to the quaint and peaceful island of Koh Samui, and have an immersive soul-cleansing experience through a week of hot yoga and self-reflection, while enjoying the vibrant culture and food of the locality! 

Date: 31 July – 6 August

Location: Koh Samui Thailand 

Price: ฿2700 – ฿3200 


Wellness Retreats in Thailand_BLOK x NECTAR Thailand Retreat

Karmabreak Away: Soul Therapy Retreat

Karmabreak is back with yet another soul therapy retreat after successfully hosting one in May 2022. Experience a curation of soul-nourishing self-care practices through your many senses associated with movement, visualisation, and connection, bringing you closer to nature and yourself. In hopes of inspiring a community of self-healers, this therapeutic retreat provides a safe haven to express your inner self freely, celebrating vulnerability and honesty. 

Located a 2-hour flight away from Bangkok on the tropical island of Ko Pha-ngan, this truly is a must-attend event that will nourish you and enhance the wellbeing of your body and soul! 

Date: 24–27 June

Location: Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand

Price: ฿17,999 – ฿26,999

Karmabreak Away: Soul Therapy Retreat

Wellness Retreats in Thailand_Karmabreak Away: Soul Therapy Retreat


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